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33 Tips From Technology For Marketing & Advertising 2014

25th Feb 2014 News, Events 6 minutes to read

TFM&AThis year’s TFM&A is filled with creative talks from some of the most sought-after industry leaders; but don’t worry if couldn’t make it, as we’ve sent two of our top Content Marketing Executives, Harry Gardiner and John Waghorn, along to report back with all the info from day one of this innovative event.

Take it away guys:

Using Personalised Websites to Win More Customers

Speaker: John Noble, Director at Pro-Active Business Information

John Noble

  • Personalisation is data driven – social media, tablets, big data,web Analytics, CRM, sales data – we need to use this information to make your website more personalised.
  • By delivering relevant content you can increase personal engagement which will in turn lead to improved conversions and more custom.
  • Whilst many realise that personalisation will increase engagement, only 19 percent of companies actually make their site personalised. Figure from Econsultancy.
  • Create audience segmentation – for example B2B or B2C demographic and how you’re going to deliver information to them. Behaviour and interests will also play a part in the process of segmentation.
  • Images, languages, geographic locations will all help to create segmentation for your audience.
  • Amazon is a great example of a site that tailors content to your interests and previous transactions as well as match.com and British Airways.

How Modern Marketing Works

Speaker: Sylvia Jensen, EMEA Marketing Director, Oracle Eloqua

Sylvia Jensen

  • We live in the age of the empowered consumer – it’s data driven and consumer-centric
  • The role of marketing is different today – it’s no longer about creating interest but nurturing customers deeper in the sales funnel
  • Targeting, engagement, conversion, and analysis will help with this process
  • You need to create a 1:1 relationship with your buyers – digital, social and mobile are newer areas that marketers need to explore and incorporate as part of their strategy/campaigns
  • During the conversion process – there should be an alignment between sales and marketing teams by lead scoring for B2B buying cycles.

Panel Debate – Multi-Channel, Multi-Device, Multi-Discipline: Delivering ROI In A Maze Of Interactions

Chair Person: Stephen Pratley, Marketing Director, Visibly Better Marketing


Duncan Popham, Managing Director, Total Search Solutions; Colin Reid, SVP, Forensiq; Dave Michaud, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Eloqua; Kevin Bobowski, VP Marketing, Offerpop

  • Attribution and the customer journey – Some companies don’t have a system in place to measure the effectiveness of each channel, interactions, and how these interactions convert to revenue
  • Is there a real measure of “value” – should attribution be looked at individually and based on merit?
  • Every attribution model is different and these models require a blend of art and science alongside an understanding of who your customers are.
  • There is pressure to produce results in all businesses and this requires both time and budget – start small by learning about each channel and once this has proven to be successful, move onto the next channel. This model will be more successful compared to taking on too much at any given time.
  • People are moving from traditional media into video rich content which is great for second screen, targeting, and measuring across multi-platforms.

Just My Type: Successful Branding And Typography

Speaker: Jim Kidwell, Senior Product Manager, Extensis

Jim Kidwell

  • Typography communicates emotion, time and place. It has evolved over time to reflect trends, attitudes and events of the era, as well as the product/service it is representing.
  • Typography is critical to a brand. You should select your typeface carefully, and keep it consistent across all your branded media.
  • Identifying yourself and making your branding different from competitors is vital. In the 90s, many of the top food chains were using the same font. This did not benefit them. At all.
  • What if everything used one font?: comicsansproject.tumblr.com. Choosing the appropriate font is going to have a huge impact on your brand’s success. Your typeface selection matters, as different people associate different feelings with different fonts. Always consider the visceral reaction that your selection creates.
  • @font-face is code that allows you to use actual live fonts on the web, instead of relying on vectors; but take note of kerning and formatting. Also consider licensing; ensure you’ve purchased the rights to use it commercially.

Integrated Search And Community Building: Establishing Influence – Right Message, Right Time, Right Device To The Right Audience!

Speaker: Barrie Moran, Digital Strategy Director, Foundry Comms Ltd

  • Technology is evolving on a daily basis. Marketing needs to adapt quickly because users are constantly adapting to new technology, such as multi-screening.
  • We need think about what message we want to put to our audience and how we will deliver this. Technology is changing how we do this. It’s about an integrated approach to a segmented audience.
  • “The way that we speak is very different to the way that we type”. Personalisation, localisation and sequential search (with updates such as Hummingbird) are changing the way we search, and the way we see search results.
  • Google is moving towards entity analysis. Google wants to understand who you are and how you act. You should use data to discover: Where are your audience? Who are they talking too? Who are they listening too? Who’s influencing them? Google+ has plenty of tools to help you better identify influencers,.
  • Use multiple social platforms using a variety of tools to gather invaluable data and make informed decisions. Understand which platforms you can use to target your audience at the right time. Target, monitor and analyse your audience to build up personas and truly understand them. Avg tweet lasts 15 seconds. Use data to discover the best time to tweet, and use all your platforms to cross-promote content.
  • SEO Should only be 40% of your marketing mix.
  • Not everything you create will resonate, but learn from both your successes and your failures. Help your audience to help you spread your message, turn people into brand ambassadors by targeting them with personal content.

The Power Of Responsive Design In 2014 And Beyond

Speaker: Tom McCambridge, Account Director, Headland

  • #powerofresponsive – Mobile browsing is overtaking desktop. This will continue to grow over the next few years. A good responsive site is completely fluid. It maximises the space available on a device. One design works across the board – the mark up doesn’t change. Using the same code base does not impact security.
  • Apps vs responsive – a responsive site is more accessible. Its about finding the best way to access the content. Think about HOW people use their device and WHAT you want them to do.
  • Subtle differences in the UX make all the difference. Make your design tactile without sacrificing any functionality. Test how people use each device and then present them with the most beneficial site.
  • A responsive design requires up to 50% more resource, but test and iterate and you will save money in the long run. Think about placement, design, and rich media, and be clever with your placement.
  • Generally, people spend much longer on responsive sites when viewing on mobiles. Bigger data limits and better networks will allow users to access higher quality images. Responsive is here to stay, so ensure you’re ahead of the curve.

That’s a wrap folks, and what a day it’s been. Remember to stay tuned to Koozai for all the latest information on Digital Marketing and SEO.

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