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Stacey Cavagnetto

BrightonSEO September 2019: What we’re looking forward to

3rd Sep 2019 News, Events 3 minutes to read

Once again, the next brightonSEO has us all excited with its jam-packed schedule. With a whopping 86 sessions taking place across the September event, presented by a variety of industry experts, if you’re keen to learn more about automation, content, advanced SEO and heaps and heaps more (like we always are), then this is one of the best places for it.

We’ve had a scout through the upcoming schedule and have picked out some of our favourite sessions which you’ll find below. We hope this starts the ball of excitement rolling for arguably the industry’s top event – we’ll see you there!

Onsite Technical: The Best Kept Secrets from Robots.txt

Hosted by François Goube, the CEO and founder of SEO platform OnCrawl, this session explores how Google and other search engines are exploiting your robots.txt files in order to understand your site. Find out more. Fun fact – François has a self-confessed weird passion for semantic algorithms – who knew?

When and where? 13/09 at 12:10pm, Syndicate 1 & 2.

SEO Showcase: Site Migrations: Getting On Site, Off Site & Technical Right

A great session to learn all the essential and key parts to site migrations, Chloe Bodard, a freelance consultant, will talk you through everything you need to know – from gathering data to technical SEO and everything in between. Find out more.

When and where? 13/09 at 3:20pm, Showcase Stage – Expo Hall

PR & SEO: How to Actually Measure the Impact of Digital PR Coverage

Fran Griffin of Honcho Search will be hosting her first big industry speaking event all about the importance of links, but also the value in non-linked exposure from tier one websites. This all comes together to help properly measure a campaign. Find out more. Good luck to Fran for her first public speaking event!

When and where? 13/09 at 2:55pm, Syndicate 1 & 2

Automation: Insights, Not Data: Automated Reporting That Works

President and partner of US agency, Kick Point, Dana DiTomaso hosts this session on how you can get the most out of your reporting, meaning you can spend more time gathering important insights. Find out more. Fun fact – Kick Point’s office is above a pizza place!

When and where? 13/09 at 4:10pm, Meeting Room 1.

Fundamentals: My Traffic is Gone! Where the Heck Did it Go?

Head of Marketing at Webgears Group, Ciara Serrano Temprado, leads this session about what to do if you lose organic traffic. Whether you’ve experienced loss of traffic before or you want to know what steps to take if it happens in the future, this session’s a useful one. Find out more.

When and where? 13/09 at 12:35pm, Toggl Stage – The Restaurant

Content SEO: Making Captions Beautiful (and Searchable) to Improve Video Experience

We love creating videos, so this session was always going to be on our favourites list. Hosting will be Ahmed Khalifa, a confident and regular public speaker, with a superb knowledge of how to manage your online presence. Ahmed will explain how to create fantastic and valuable captions for your video marketing. Find out more.

When and where? 13/09 at 11:45am, Auditorium 1

Mobile: Living in a Mobile First (Indexing) World

Frank Vitovitch, an indexing and crawling expert at Botify and seasoned events speaker, delves into the transition from desktop-first to mobile-first indexing. Using extensive data, Frank’s session identifies best practice for making the transition, also highlighting mistakes to avoid. Find out more.

When and where? 13/09 at 10:00am, Syndicate 3 & 4

Advertising: Beat the Competition with Gmail Ads: Email-less Email Marketing

This session will take you through some fantastic case studies of how highly targeted Gmail ads beat their competition. Now what’s not to love about that? This talk will be hosted by Jacob Tibbott, an established digital marketing consultant currently working for Novicell. Find out more.

When and where? 13/09 at 10:25am, Meeting Room 1

Small budget SEO: How to Create a Sexy AF PR Pitch to Land Sexy AF Links No Matter Your Budget or Brand

Hosted by Carrie Rose, Co-founder and Creative Director of Rise at Seven, our attention to this session piqued immediately due to its audacious headline. Sharing some tried and tested tips on how to pitch to national journalists and how to get your emails opened in their ever-saturated inboxes, we think Carrie’s session title is perhaps the proof in the pudding. Find out more.

When and where? 13/09 at 10:50am, Adzooma Stage – Auditorium 2

If you’re heading to this year’s brightonSEO, you can have a browse of the full schedule here.

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Stacey Cavagnetto

Content & PR Lead

You’ll find Stacey shooting hoops on the netball court, that is if she’s not binge watching something on Netflix. She likes to keep herself on her toes, whether it’s from 15 years of ballet, or terrifying herself with a horror movie. Not that any of that would keep her from sleeping; she relates strongly to the ever-drowsy Koala as she’s a big fan of snoozing.

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