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Jen Williams

Overcoming 10 Content Marketing Challenges

9th Jun 2015 Content Marketing 6 minutes to read

Overcoming 10 Content Marketing Challenges

Content Marketers are passed the very privileged and powerful responsibility of becoming an extension of a particular brand. Not only are Content Marketers responsible for research and ideation, but creating compelling content that works, and getting this content seen by the right pairs of eyes is a crucial part of the job. This multifaceted and exciting role comes with its very own set of challenges and obstacles which must be overcome daily in order to drive success.

1. Being An Effective Brand Ambassador

Facebook Thumb LikeWith this responsibility comes the duty for Content Marketers to align themselves completely with a particular brand, its messaging, ethos and values in order to produce content that works and accomplish the specific goals it has set out to achieve.


Whether it’s Social Media management or content promotion, knowing the brand inside out, and being an extension of a brand is key to being a successful Content Marketer.

Content Marketers are therefore tasked with a very real and clear challenge, becoming an effective brand voice whilst achieving established Content Marketing goals as a means of facilitating the entire SEO process.


A clear and concise balancing act must be achieved here, and Content Marketers must have the ability to shout about a brand without sounding like a broken record.

2. Strategising

The first step of developing a tailored content plan is strategy.


Content Marketers must address these crucial questions which set the very foundations of their tailored Content Marketing strategy:

  • Which type of content should be created?
  • What is the goal for that specific type of content?
  • Who is the intended audience(s) for that content?
  • How will it be produced and promoted?
  • Where will it be marketed?
  • When will it be published?


Addressing these questions at the start of any campaign, Content Marketers are tasked with regularly mapping out strategies which are completely tailored to a specific brand and which encapsulate that client’s overall goals.

3. Ideation

Basic Questions


Think of an effective idea…go! It doesn’t quite work like that in the world of Content Marketing. Yes creativity is a prerequisite for the role, but ideation and thinking of that exciting content idea on your client’s behalf can sometimes prove to be slightly tricky.

With this in mind, there are numerous techniques Content Marketers use to come up with content ideas which are completely targeted and help achieve the client’s goals whatever they may be.


Whether it’s increasing traffic, social visits, generating brand awareness or conversions, Content Marketers will not be close to achieving these unless highly targeted and considered content creation ideas have been explored.

Brainstorming methods to assist with content ideation can include:

  • Yearly events – Creating content around key dates, events and seasonality related to the specific industry.
  • Mind mapping – Mind mapping is an effective way to develop an idea starting from one central theme.
  • What? Who? Why? When? Where? and How? – Formulate sustainable ideas focussed on answering these key questions.
  • Picture association- This method can assist Content Marketers to come up with inspiring ideas.
  • Problems and solutions – Create content which solves problems by offering audiences a solution.
  • Word association – This method is a highly creative method of generating content ideas.

Check out the blog post: 8 Effective Content Ideation Methods for more information on how to create compelling content ideas.

4. Retaining an Audience

Large Group of Student in The Conference RoomChallenge

Successful Content Marketers not only create and distribute useful content to a targeted audience, but retain that audience throughout the duration of a Content Marketing campaign and beyond.

Supplying an engaged audience base with consistently valuable content is no easy task, but one that can be achieved through conducting thorough research into audience types associated with a particular brand.


Understanding that audience’s behaviour and really drilling down to what makes a certain audience tick and how they behave and share content is key in retaining an audience.

Understanding your target audience inside out is the key to delivering them what they want, retaining them on a long-term basis and ultimately influencing that audience’s behavioural habits.

5. Choose The Right Promotion Techniques

Eine Idee habenChallenge

Choosing the most appropriate content promotion techniques which align to a particular brand and industry are vital elements to Content Marketing.

When it comes to content promotion, is it advocated to channel this through a selection of owned, earned and paid media channels.

It is therefore the responsibility of the Content Marketer to decipher which channels would be most suitable for the client and decide which methods align closest to the overall goals of the Content Marketing campaign.


Read the blog post: Content What? A Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing to find out more about owned, earned and paid media promotion techniques.

6. Resonating With Several Generations



It goes without saying that the digital world is made up of an eclectic mix of audiences of varying ages.

The scope to tap into multiple generations is evident, however, Content Marketers must create content which not only resonates with these various age groups, but completely mirrors that age group’s expectations, values and experiences.


Creating compelling content is one thing, but harnessing an awareness of how various generations consume content and share it with others is key in being effective in today’s highly competitive digital marketplace.

Check out James’ video on marketing to Generation Z as well as his slides on marketing to young people in general.

7. A Happy Marriage Of Content And Context


Writing content for contents sake is a common trap that Content Marketers could all-too often find themselves falling into.


It is imperative that Content Marketers immerse themselves in a certain industry, and create compelling, engaging and highly relevant content related to that specific industry.

8. Being An Effective Storyteller


A crucial aspect of Content Marketing is the ability to outreach to key industry influencers and sell an idea to promote content.

Cue effective storytelling. It is one thing picking up the phone and contacting a PR or a journalist, but a completely different scenario being able to confidently sell a story to these key industry influencers and publishers.


Being an effective storyteller from the get-go, and having the ability to attract attention from influencers is a challenge Content Marketers face on a regular basis. But being able to attract attention and promote the unique qualities relating to the content and its offering is an effective way to overcome this challenge when it comes to content promotion.

9. Flexibility



Yes, Content Marketers create well thought out and tailored content strategies, but in their day-to-day practises, they are faced with alterations and changes that need to be implemented at the last minute.

Perhaps this is due to a reaction to a breaking industry news story relating to a particular brand, hype on social media, or perhaps an amendment to a press release, change is inevitable and it is the job of the Content Marketer to not only be fully engaged but aware of these changes and prepared to react and adapt to any given scenario.


Ideas evolve and change, it is inevitable, and having the ability to be flexible and adaptable are qualities that will help any Content Marketer in their day-to-day role.

10. Keeping On Top

Little boy in spectacles and suit lying on a floor with a diary.


Keeping on top is a challenge, but by living and breathing the industry you write for, Content Marketers can overcome this challenge.

When it comes to content creation, immersing yourself completely in a specific industry is key. This will not only aid content creation but will help you keep up with industry news and events and what is happening in the world of social media.


Reading regular blog posts, watching videos and setting up industry-specific alerts will keep you on top of your clients and ahead of the game.

Want To Find Out More?

If you want to find out more about what is it like to be a Content Marketer, and what is involved in this highly rewarding and multifaceted role, get your hand on your free whitepaper: The Complete Guide To Content Marketing Strategy, Planning and Creation

Got any questions? Feel free to leave a comment, tweet me @Koozai_Jenny or Contact Us today.

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