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How To Use Content To Help Generate On-Page Conversions

13th Jan 2014 Content Marketing Blog 6 minutes to read

bigstock-Content-Blue-Marker-45454309The primary aim of any company is to promote your services and products to a targeted audience and generate sales, business, and profits as a result.

When you step back and think about it there really are a multitude of factors which contribute to how successful your company is or will become.

When each of these areas are hitting the mark then you are more likely to succeed. This is why every so often it’s important to look at each of these factors and establish if it’s possible to make small changes in order to achieve bigger results.

The case in question throughout this blog post is good old content and how it can be used on your webpages to encourage more conversions – the desired aim for your business remember!

So in a world where social media, the style of your website, and the power and breadth of your marketing campaigns have an impact on the amount of traffic you gain, how can content be used to convert this traffic into customers?

Create Desirable Offers

bigstock-Limited-Edition-Stamp-43405363“Offer” is one of those words which has a natural ability to draw people in. Why? Because if an offer is rewarded in exchange for your time then it seems more worthwhile to you in the first place.

If an offer is also presented as ‘exclusive’ then it’s ultimately going to be more desirable to those who are expressing an interest in this “reward”.

Ask yourself if you currently promote offers on your web pages and if you are using the correct language to encourage a greater response? Phrases such as ‘Exclusive offer’ or ‘Limited offer – only five days remaining’ are more likely to encourage site users to convert compared to a static ‘offer’ sign that’s been stagnant for weeks. Capture their interest and offer them something they simply can’t resist.

Another way to encourage conversions from offers is to reinforce the fact that other people are interacting with them. For example, if you are convincing visitors to download a free whitepaper you could write something along the lines of… “Join our community of 15,000 people who have downloaded our useful whitepapers”.

By doing this, you are creating positive reinforcement and also encouraging people to become part of a community where they can gain in-depth knowledge for free. These elements combined make the offer more valuable as a result.

So from free trials, memberships, whitepapers and other marketing material, make sure your offers are more engaging and desirable and this will make it easier to generate conversions.

Use Effective Calls To Action

You might have read a number of articles concerning the power of calls to action and their value, but are you actually using them to your advantage on your site?

Calls to action need to be effective at gaining attention and persuade users to click on them – otherwise they simply become redundant. So how do you make your CTAs stand out from the competition and market them in the best way possible? Here are a few tips to get you started:

• Place them above the fold of the page
• Use striking/bold colours to capture attention
• Keep each CTA short, clear, concise and direct
• Offer something free in return
• Use 1-2 CTAs on each page max

Wording is also important. Don’t use one long sentence for your call to action. Instead, keep your text as short and direct as possible as it sounds more instructional and mandatory to your visitors. “Buy Now”, “Free Trial Version”, “Download Promotional Code” or “Contact Us Today” are just four examples that show how shorter text is more effective in creating a desired response.

Here are some examples of effective CTAs:

Compare The Market:


The Gym:


Go Compare:


Notice in these examples how the CTAs are placed in buttons that are both instructional and also presented in a different colour to the background as well.

For more advice on how to use CTAs effectively, take a look at Cat Fyson’s blog post – 8 Tips For Creating Effective Calls To Action (With Real Examples)

Think About Form Length

It doesn’t sound like the most elaborate way to get hold of people’s details, however forms definitely work – if they are displayed in the correctly way.

Forms are ideal for converting visitors into legitimate leads and they also allow you to encourage sign-ups and subscribers too.

To create less work for the visitor you should only ever display the most dominant fields within each form you use. If it’s going to take two minutes plus for someone to fill out a form, then guess what? They probably aren’t going to bother.

Condense your forms by using the minimum amount of fields and think about which information is needed and which is optional. The optional field entries can always be deleted, so that your forms don’t look too scary for your consumers to complete!

Your submit buttons should also be clearly located and remember that they don’t always have to state ‘Submit’. What about changing the wording to the desired action you are trying to create. For example, “download brochure” or “receive trial version”. These things may seem minor, yet they can make a big difference psychologically when users are on your pages.

Use Testimonials

bigstock-Excellent-Customer-Service-Eva-47871026More renowned forms of content (blog posts, Infographics, whitepapers etc.) will all help to promote, persuade, and encourage conversions, but don’t forget testimonials.

These are great for reassuring new visitors because they showcase the positive experiences that others in their position have had. They’re also simple to create and as long as you have permission from the respective company or person, you can use them during any stage of the buying cycle.

Using phrases such as “Here’s what our customers say about us” or “See what our customers said about this product” will encourage your visitors to convert with confidence – so long as the testimonial is positive of course!

If you don’t have any testimonials in place, start getting some together (with the permission of your clients) to use in the next couple of months. These simple content quotes can have a big impact, so don’t rule them out.

Display Certified Badges

In addition to testimonials, certified badges are also great for building trust and reassuring first time visitors to convert or click buy.

Plenty of people have bad experiences online, so use these to let your visitors know that they won’t experience the same on your site.

Security authentication, an accredited business badge, or anything else of this nature is used as a symbol of trust which makes users feel more assured to purchase your products.

So, if you’ve got certification or any other badges that represent your business status then use them. They could be the difference between a customer purchasing, or leaving to look elsewhere.

Don’t Underestimate Content

Sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit. So, take a look at your site and see how you could use content more effectively.

Never underestimate the power of content from both a psychological and persuasive point of view. It really can help to alter people’s decision making process and encourage them to buy into your brand.

If you start with the abovementioned areas, it’s likely that you’ll also spot other factors that could do with improving as you move through your site pages. So now it’s over to you.

Thanks for reading, please let us know how you use content to generate more conversions in the comments section below.

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