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James Perrin

10 Stimulating Content Marketing Presentations

25th Jun 2014 Content Marketing 3 minutes to read

SlideShareAs you can imagine, what with being the Content Marketing Manager here at Koozai, I love Content Marketing. In my busy day-to-day role I get to enjoy some wonderful content creations, but also, I get to see what other influential Digital Marketers are doing from around the globe. As such, I want to share with you some of the best Content Marketing presentations from the most influential figures in the industry. Enjoy.

Here are my top ten favourite Content Marketing presentations:

The Other C Word: What Makes Great Content Marketing Great From Velocity Partners

What is the magic ingredient of great marketing? As Velocity Partners testify, if you have it, there’s nothing you can’t do – and if you don’t have it, you’re going to struggle. Find out what the other C word is!

Building An Integrated Content Strategy From Jonathon Colman

We know that Search Engines want us to create content to better enhance the user experience. With this in mind, as Content Marketers we must consider our strategy and how it can make the entire experience of the content better.

20 Epic Examples Of Content Marketing By Joe Pulizzi

The godfather of Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi, features a number of good examples in his book, Epic Content Marketing (featured as one of our Business Books of choice). Perfectly repurposed in this presentation, Joe showcases the brands he uses in his book, including LEGO, Coca-Cola, Red Bull and many more.

Evolution Of Content & Digital Marketing In 2014 By Kevin Gibbons

Speaking at the the #DigitalMarketingShow, Kevin Gibbons from Blue Glass spoke about the evolution of Content Marketing. This presentation looks at what has changed and what the future holds – get all the tips you need for your own Content Marketing Strategies.

Can’t Buy Me Love By Rand Fishkin

The CEO of Moz spoke at Search Love 2012 with this emphatic presentation on earning your audiences attention – without spending a fortune. Guess what? Content features quite regularly, so check it out.

The Future Of Content Marketing: 5 Beyonds By Velocity Partners

Doug Kessler at Velocity Partners again, this time looking at the future of B2B Content Marketing. From community building and personalisation to realism and authenticity, learn how to make your content work for your business.

How To Not Freak Out About Content Marketing By JESS3

From concept to creation, Jess3 shows us how to take one topic and create multiple quality stories. Looking at idea creation, audience and story telling tips, and packed with great examples, get the low down on Content Marketing with this presentation.

10 Ways To Win The Internets By Upworthy

Packed with insights from how the guys at Upworthy do things, get a better understanding of how to make your content go viral. With examples, takeaways and loads of tips, this is one presentation any Content Marketer won’t want to miss.

A Content Strategy Roadmap By Kristina Halvorson

In the world of Content Strategy, Kristina Halvorson is one of the best. In her presentation, A Content Strategy Roadmap, you’ll learn the role of strategic thinking when creating a website: discover, define, design, develop and deploy.

Content Marketing In Boring Industries By Ross Hudgens

It’s often perceived that Content Marketing only works for fun industries. Not true. Ross Hudgens shows us how it works for ‘boring industries’ too. From strategy and development to promotion, this presentation is packed with insights to help any marketer working in a perceived ‘boring industry’.

Have you seen any other great Slideshare presentations on this topic, or perhaps you’ve been inspired by the ones above? Please let me know in the comments.

If you feel inspired by Content Marketing, why not get in touch to see how we do things at Koozai. Our Specialists would love to hear from you.

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