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Mike Essex

Six Free Videos That Will Make You Better At Building Your Brand

6th Nov 2013 Brand 2 minutes to read

Brand Play ButtonWhether you want improved rankings, better brand awareness on social media, or just to improve the way people see your company, building a strong brand is an incredibly valuable way to shift the way you perform online. In this blog post I’ve compiled six of our best videos on brand building, monitoring, protecting and promoting.

You might also find our free whitepaper on Brand Monitoring useful.

How To Be Seen As A Brand By The Search Engines


Although big brands often appear to get better rankings because of their name alone it’s actually due to many ranking signals that they naturally give off. Tara looks at what some of these signals are and how you can emulate them with any size brand.

Brand Monitoring Best Practices


The larger a brand becomes the more vital it becomes that they monitor what is being said about them online, good and bad. Through the use of free and paid tools Andy looks at what you’ll need to monitor and the best ways to ensure accurate data.

Brand Protection Best Practices


On top of monitoring your brand it’s also key that you claim and protect your brand assets. Graeme covers registering social profiles before others, improving the search results for your branded terms and using tools to keep on top of new activity by imitators.

The Complete Guide to Local SEO


Having an effective local SEO strategy can have a good crossover with improving the visibility of your brand and your overall market perception. In this epic 23 minute video Andy covers all of the basics you need to know for local SEO.

How To Manage Your Brand’s Reputation Online


Along with monitoring what others say, you’ll also need to say something yourself if you want to gain any social traction. Harry looks at the considerations you’ll need to make for this, including tone of voice and really understanding what your audience want.

The Importance of About Us Pages and The Impact They Have


No matter what other brand signals you put out there if your website is awful then it will do a poor job of reflecting your brand vision. Graeme looks at how a strong About Us page can work wonders for any site and why it should never be a last minute consideration.

You can also find over 150 free videos on lots of digital marketing topics over in Koozai TV.

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