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Dean Marsden

5 Ways To Generate More eCommerce Conversions This Christmas

17th Nov 2011 Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation 2 minutes to read

ChristmasWith the amount of Christmas online spending continuing to grow each year and the competition in the search results being at its most intense, what can you do to make sure you increase your sales and take a bigger slice of that Christmas spend?

In this blog post I’ll highlight some changes you can make to your website, their desired effect and some examples of how they work in practice. At this time of year it is more important than ever to make your customers feel reassured with their purchase.

Create a dedicated Christmas section on your website highlighting products suitable for Christmas gifts and add this section to the main navigation of your website to make it prominent.

Christmas Tip 3

Offer clear delivery information on how long deliveries will take and the state the final order dates in order for customers to receive their purchases in time for Christmas.  Also offer free delivery during the run up to Christmas. Free delivery can make the difference between a customer buying from you or a competitor. At this time of year delivery costs can all add up for shoppers.

Lakeland Christmas Delivery Info
John Lewis Christmas Delivery Info
Next Christmas Delivery Info

Remove any checkout process barriers. The truth is that many of your customers over  Christmas will be one-offs and giving those people the option of a quick checkout process without having to sign up to your website could convert to more sales. In fact you should be doing this anyway, but it is especially important for websites that primarily sell niche or gift products.

Superdrug Guest Checkout
BHS Guest Checkout

Make sure your website hosting is reliable and that the load speed is the best it can be. Visitors are far less likely to convert if pages load slowly and if some don’t load at all. For every second your home page loads you could lose a lot of your sales. It is also very important to make sure that you have available bandwidth over the busy Christmas month. You do not want your site to go down completely until the beginning of January’s bandwidth allowance. If your website is not online for the last two weeks of December it could spell disaster for your annual sales figures.

Website No Live

Finally try running a set of special daily deals. For example, a ’12 days of Christmas’ promotion will likely get more publicity and links to your website that will bring in new customers. It will also create a brief following and encourage visitors to come back every day to find out about the days special offer. Be committed to giving a large discount for one popular product each day and prominently display the offer on your website, i.e. the Home page.

Casio Christmas Deals
Womand & Home Christmas Deals
The above tips are easy ways to increase your eCommerce conversions for the Christmas shopping period.  Forget the animated snowflakes; concentrate on delivering content and products that your visitors want to see and purchase easily.

If you have any other tips please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Image Source

Christmas cookies with festive decoration via BigStock

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Dean Marsden
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Dean Marsden

A big fan of art and design, Dean is an avid photographer with an eye for creating beautiful images. His other skills include playing golf, which he’s done since he was 15. He’s a little quiet, but you know what they say about the quiet folk…

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