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We’ve spoken on stage at nearly every conference in the industry, including:

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We Talk the Talk

We speak about cake, and occasionally SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media and branding at small, intimate gatherings right up to large conferences with 1000+ people.

We take our bespoke presentations on the road to a range of conferences and businesses to deliver awesome sessions on our expert subject matters. Our speakers have perfected the craft of presentations with public speaking training, as well as becoming media stars on Koozai TV.

Don’t believe us? Check out this lovely message from Natasha Preocanin, Event Manager at Edge Global Media Group – we didn’t even have to bribe her with cake.

“Working with Koozai in regards to speaking is an absolute pleasure. Not only does everyone at Koozai know what they’re talking about, their presentation skills and professionalism is absolutely impeccable. I would highly recommend working with Koozai on any speaking engagement!”

See, we told you.

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Our Upcoming & Recent Talks

  • Samantha Noble

    How to use Paid Media to increase the lifetime value of a customer

    Every business that is using Paid Media focuses on what it can do to drive new customers but over the years I have been doing PPC, I have only come across a handful who have used it to increase customer loyalty. Advertisers spend hundreds, thousands and some even millions of pounds each year with platforms such as AdWords, Bing and Facebook to acquire new customers but in this talk I am going to help shift your mindset to think about how it can be used to increase the lifetime value of your customer. I will cover actual hands-on strategies that you can take away and implement within your Paid Media campaigns to drive more business from your existing audience base.

    Samantha Noble
    Paid Media
    April 2017
    7th Apr 2017
    BrightonSEO, Brighton
  • Samantha Noble

    Digital Marketing Summit Southampton

    In 2016 we have seen a huge push on local marketing from Google and this became even more evident during the AdWords and Analytics Innovation Summit back in May this year. Throughout this session, Sam will walk you through 25 different localised Paid Media strategies that you can use to target your potential audience and push them through the consumer purchase funnel.

    Samantha Noble
    Paid Media
    Less than a week to go!
    27th Oct 2016
    Digital Marketing Summit, Southampton
  • Samantha Noble

    A Mindset Shift: Thinking Beyond the Conversion

    Advertisers typically use Google AdWords to drive conversions but very few look at how it can be used to encourage customer loyalty and advocacy. In this presentation we will cover 14 strategies that can used to target people after they have converted.

    Samantha Noble
    Paid Media
    11th Oct 2016
    PubCon, Las Vegas
  • Samantha Noble

    Advanced PPC Workshop

    Whether you are brand new to PPC or have been doing it for a couple of years, there will be something in this slide deck for you to take away and put into practice.

    Samantha Noble
    Paid Media
    1st Sep 2016
    BrightonSEO, Brighton
  • Samantha Noble

    Paid Media: It’s not all about the end game

    As Paid Media marketers we often pay too much attention to the bottom of the funnel and we neglect the rest of the funnel which is why advertisers are missing out on a huge percentage of their potential marketplace. During this session, Sam shared different strategies that can be deployed for all types of industries and brands (big or small) that target audiences at different stages of the funnel.

    Samantha Noble
    Paid Media
    19th Aug 2016
    Turing Festival, Edinburgh
  • Samantha Noble

    Dominating Paid Media in Local Markets

    MozTalk came to the UK for the first time ever in July 2016, and Sam was there to share actionable advice on how brands can utilise paid media through various stages of the sales funnel to dominate their local markets.

    Samantha Noble
    Paid Media
    26th Jul 2016
    MozTalk, London

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