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We’ve spoken on stage at nearly every conference in the industry, including:

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We Talk the Talk

We speak about cake, and occasionally SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media and branding at small, intimate gatherings right up to large conferences with 1000+ people.

We take our bespoke presentations on the road to a range of conferences and businesses to deliver awesome sessions on our expert subject matters. Our speakers have perfected the craft of presentations with public speaking training, as well as becoming media stars on Koozai TV.

Don’t believe us? Check out this lovely message from Natasha Preocanin, Event Manager at Edge Global Media Group – we didn’t even have to bribe her with cake.

“Working with Koozai in regards to speaking is an absolute pleasure. Not only does everyone at Koozai know what they’re talking about, their presentation skills and professionalism is absolutely impeccable. I would highly recommend working with Koozai on any speaking engagement!”

See, we told you.

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Our Upcoming & Recent Talks

  • Link Building Is Not Dead

    In this talk at SearchStars, in Malmö, Sweden on 9th October 2018, Natalie will explain that link building is still alive and well, and a crucial element of a successful SEO strategy. Natalie will be covering all the tactics you can employ to raise your brand’s profile and acquire links and coverage on other websites.

    Natalie Mott
    October 2018
    9th Oct 2018
    SearchStars, Malmö, Sweden
  • AMP Implementation On Non-Standard Content Management Systems

    In this talk at BrightonSEO on 28th September 2018, Natalie will summarise the benefits and challenges of implementing AMP with content management systems that lack an out-of-the-box solution, for example, EPiServer.

    Natalie Mott
    September 2018
    28th Sep 2018
    BrightonSEO, Brighton
  • Let’s Talk Voice Search

    In this talk at Manyminds Meets: Give It A Go conference in London (October 2017), Luke will talk through how voice search is changing the way we search, showing us how we as marketers optimise for this in a way that helps us meet consumers at each of their micro-moments.

    Luke Monaghan
    20th Oct 2017
    Manyminds Meets: Give It A Go, London
  • Psychology and Search; Power Your Strategy

    Sally’s talk showcases how SEO’s can work in a more succinct way to deliver stronger online marketing strategies and how to incorporate user psychology for a powerful approach that delivers results. Exploring how to use audience data, and striking the right balance between SEO and psychology, Sally’s talk delves deeper into the countless benefits of having a robust strategy that includes both, and what can happen when you truly understand your audience.

    Sally Newman
    20th Oct 2017
    Manyminds Meets: Give It A Go, London
  • The World of Dynamic Adverts

    If we look back a few years, the only way we could dynamically generate ads was using Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) and we all know how risky that strategy could and still can be. Flashing forward to 2017 we have a lot more to available to us to help us create highly targeted adverts at scale in a short space of time.

    Marcus Knight
    Paid Media
    23rd May 2017
    SMX London, London
  • A Paid Media Case Study: Getting Gmail Ads to Work

    In this 30 minute session at adWorld Experience in Bologna (April 2017), we are going to do a deep dive into how you get the most out of Gmail Sponsored Promotion ads. Using real life examples and case study data, we will look at the fails and successes of a retail based campaign.

    Samantha Noble
    Gmail Ads
    14th Apr 2017
    adWorld Experience, Bologna, Italy

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