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Lexi Mills

Content Promotion & PR

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Super Power

Lexi really knows her stuff when it comes to Content Promotion and PR! Whether it’s getting businesses featured in national press or industry publications, Lexi is the girl for the job!


Lexi Mills is the Owner of Marquis Communications combining technical knowledge, analysis, understanding of the internet and consumer behaviour with creativity to create metric driven, measurable strategies. Having Lexi come into Koozai and work with our Content and PR teams is very exciting!

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The Koozai teams desire to learn and apply new techniques made training them an absolute pleasure. The nature of our evolving digital world means that to be top of your game consultants have to be equally enthusiastic to let go of yesterday's best practice alongside have the motivation to continuously embrace new opportunities and techniques. This team have that quality, and I feel confident that many of the individuals I met will go on to become industry thought leaders themselves. Doing great work is only part of the package, delivering an exceptional client experience is equally important. Their focus on learning how to communicate new processes and techniques to their customers best was a stand out quality of this team.
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