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Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson

PR & Media

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Super Power

Claire’s PR and outreach skills are not to be trifled with! Having worked as a freelance PR consultant alongside several big brands and businesses for many years now, she’s picked up a wealth of skills and knowledge to help boost her clients’s visibility.


Claire kindly imparted her boundless PR wisdom onto our content team when she visited for her KoozAcademy session, leaving everyone with actionable advice, tips, and tricks that we could instantly apply to our client’s campaigns.

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My training is pretty interactive: with teams who've been forced to attend training, it can sometimes prove hard work until the session proves to them that there's value in it. And for teams who've hidden behind blanket emails for years, the change to genuine outreach can be hard. Not so with the Koozai team who turned up from the start, engaged and enthusiastic, had a whole lot of fun and really made the most of my time with them. They worked hard, learned fast and were a delight to train.
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