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Bas van den Beld

Bas van den Beld

Audience Profiling

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Super Power

When it comes to teaching people about audiences within digital marketing, Bas is unmatched. With his outstanding public speaking skills and his amazing grasp of marketing strategy, Bas is a digital marketing powerhouse.


You can imagine our delight when, in between travelling from country to country helping businesses refine their online strategies, Bas took the time to swoop into our office to train the team on audience profiling.

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Training a group of professionals is not an easy task. Them having knowledge on their specific areas might mean that they are less open to new viewpoints. The team at Koozai however was different. They took the knowledge they already had and were eager to learn more and were open for different angles. The team at Koozai was well educated, prepared, but also very open minded, which made for challenging and at the same time exciting sessions. Each member showed what I think is a great virtue: eagerness to learn more and become better.
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