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Digital Marketing Job Requirements

Find out what it takes to be an awesome digital marketer at Koozai.

What Makes the Ideal Candidate?

We’ve got a variety of jobs here at Koozai, suitable for a wide range of experience levels. So whether you’re a digital marketing veteran or you’re pretty new to the industry, Koozai could give you the next step in your online marketing career.

However, wherever you’ve come from and whatever your goals are, the ideal candidate will be someone who can bring something new to the table. Whether that’s extensive knowledge, a broad skillset, fresh thinking, caking baking skills or endless enthusiasm for the role, if you think you can add something to the team, then we want to hear from you.

Are Koozai Your Kind of People?

Standing Out From The Crowd

Online marketing jobs are pretty competitive, so you need to make sure your application stands out. Show your skills and leave us in no doubt that you’d be a great person to have in the Koozai team.

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We Look For:

Relevant Skills – We’re all for training our team with new and relevant skills, but you still need to be right for the job, so check out which skills are needed and if you’ve got some or all of them, apply.

Personality – Here at Koozai we’re known for our personality and our tight teamwork, and we want someone who can fit right in. So bring your personality to the interview and show us what you’re made of – we love meeting new people with exciting characteristics.

Initiative – Provide samples of work or have evidence of what you’ve done previously lined up. Basically, don’t just talk to talk. We pride ourselves on being able to back up everything we say, so why not start that right at the interview stage?

Accuracy – Nothing kills the CV buzz more than being riddled with errors. The reports we send to clients need to be 100% accurate at all times – there’s no place for lack of attention to detail here.

Communication – We maintain regular contact with clients so we need to harness the power of awesome communication skills. We expect the same high level of relationship building at Koozai, too. We confidently work with consistency and clarity, which are important factors for effective communication.

If you still think you’ve got what it takes, check out our vacancies page to see what positions are currently available.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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