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The Growth of Social Signals

Dean Marsden

by Dean Marsden on 7th December 2011

Video Transcript

Hello there. My name is Dean. In 2011, the search engine ranking results were dramatically affected by a website’s involvement in social media. Traditionally, website owners worked hard to gain natural links to their websites. However, with the rapid growth in social media, sharing content and engaging with your visitors became much more important. Google realised this, and they started including social media involvement in their ranking factors. It’s not always just the number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans that you have, but also the number of retweets and comments and involvement that the connections have.

In the middle of 2011, Google made the social ranking signals more visible by promoting websites in the search results that your connections have either shared or liked. Provided these connections have added their social media accounts to their Google profile, then they will see these recommendations in the search results.

So, for website owners, the greater their involvement in social media, the higher the chances of their website being promoted in the search results. The power of this personalised recommendation is second to none.

For more additional marketing tips, visit the Koozai blog or check out our YouTube channel. Happy Christmas to you.

Dean Marsden

Dean Marsden

Dean Marsden will be keeping you up to speed with video marketing and conversion rate optimisation. Dean excels at delivering video marketing solutions for clients and specialises in converting website visitors into customers.


  • Brian Greenberg 7th December 2011

    This was very amusing :) Not sure how comfortable Dean is with the camera. You guys have a great blog going here. I visit everyday to see what’s going on.

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  • Dean Marsden

    Dean 20th December 2011

    Hi Brain, Just noticed your comment here. As you can see I am terribly uncomfortable in front of the camera! I’m not a natural at all :) But glad you like the Koozai blog and videos.

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