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How to Improve On-Site Copy

James Perrin

by James Perrin on 2nd November 2011

Video Transcript

Hi. My 60 second copywriting tip today is on how to improve your on-site copy. Basically, this has had more of an emphasis placed on it since Google’s Panda algorithm update. Now good quality on-site copy will help your website rank well, will help drive traffic to your site, as well as hopefully convert traffic into sales.

So what do you need to do? Start at the basics. Make sure all of your spelling and grammar is absolutely perfect. Look to write about ten words per sentence and look to write around about one to four sentences per paragraph. These need to be short, sharp, and snappy.

Relevancy and originality

Make sure the copy that you’re writing is completely original, so that there is no duplicate content, and it is relevant to the products and services that you are looking to sell.


Include the keywords that you are ranking for and look to write at least 200 words per page. You can write more but don’t overdo it as this will affect usability.

Finally, drive behaviour. You really want to make sure that you’re selling the benefits of the product or services to your users, and hopefully this will improve conversions.

Thank you for watching. For more information, please visit our website or any of the profiles below.

James Perrin

James Perrin

Content Marketing Manager, James Perrin is a regular contributor to the Koozai blog. Well experienced in sales and marketing, James also has a passion for journalism and media, especially new media. From the latest industry related new stories to copywriting advice, James will provide you with plenty of digital marketing information.

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  • Brian Greenberg 14th November 2011

    I love the videos you guys are producing. I completely agree with selling the benefits of your products, and being concise.

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    • James Perrin

      James 14th November 2011

      Hi Brian, thanks very much for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

      Absolutely, the key is to drive behaviour and really sell the products to the user. SEO is key, but converting that traffic into sales is just as important and that’s where good quality copy can help.

      Thanks again and keep looking out for more of our videos.

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