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Why Link Google AdWords And Analytics?

Paid Search, Google AdWords | 9th Jul 2014

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Video Transcript

This is the transcript for our new video.

Hi. Today I’m going to be talking to you about how you can put Google
Analytics and Google AdWords to work, together, to help give you more bang
for your buck.

Simply by linking up Google Analytics and Google AdWords you’re able to
reveal a whole host of insight that will better focus your marketing
efforts and better justify your marketing spend as well.

For instance, pushing Google Analytics data into the Google AdWords
interface will quickly give you engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, or
the number of pages per session, or the session duration time so that you
are able too see, very quickly, if the audience that you’re targeting with
your paid adverts really is the right audience to be sending to your
website, and is it the right way of investing your money?

Over in Google Analytics, you get a whole host of insight, in the Analytics
AdWords Report suite, that gives you the ability to break down
performance at Ad Group level, at Keyword level.

You’re able to overlay other metrics, such as hour of the day, so that you are able to really refine your paid performance in the context of all your digital marketing activities, because you can overlay that against your organic traffic or your direct traffic. This is quite powerful because you start to see how different types of traffic behave against one another.

The other benefit of using Google Analytics to help manage your paid
advertising efforts is that there are other insights. Enabling site search
is an excellent way of giving you some insight into how users are
navigating your site, what they’re looking for, based on the terms that
they are putting into your site search function. This straightaway gives
you great keyword ideas, because it’s using the vernacular that your users
use in order to find the content that they’re after. So this is a great
method of getting new keyword ideas.

You’re also able to take advantage of something like Google Analytics
custom alerts. These are vital if you’re investing in Google AdWords spend,
because very quickly you can enable an email to be sent, should you see any
drastic drops in traffic from particular sources, such as paid adverts.

On top of that as well, you’ve got some excellent analysis tools, such as
the attribution model, which gives you a good insight into how well paid
search performs in terms of conversions compared to the other traffic

Similarly, you’ve got the multi-channel funnel tool as well, which shows
you a top line, how paid search assists with conversions or actually does
convert with other traffic sources.

So, for the time it takes to enable the link between Google AdWords and
Google Analytics, the amount of saving and benefit that businesses are
going to be able to take advantage of, is immeasurable. So I would always
encourage businesses that are using Google AdWords to make sure that they
have done this from the outset, so that you’ve got as big a dataset as
possible to do that analysis.

For more information, please get in contact with us. Our social profiles
are at the end of the video. Thank you.

About the author

Graeme Benge

With five years background in Travel, Graeme has built up strong commercial experience alongside online and offline marketing skills working with a variety of Travel Agents and Cruise Specialists. A passionate advocate of SEO and Social Media, Graeme has a strong interest in ROI and analytics in order to deliver the best level of returns.



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