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Video Guide to the Google SSL Changes and Hidden Keyword Data

Anna Lewis

by Anna Lewis on 19th October 2011

Video Transcript

This video explains Google’s SSL update, a change which has sparked controversy as it means that organic keyword data will not always be reported in tracking tools. Whilst data will only be missing where users are logged in, which is only a small percent at the moment, we have highlighted other solutions and the main issues of this change.

The main worry we have is that as more people joining Google + this will increase and we will lose more data. Furthermore, in the past Google has rolled changes out to logged in users and then made the changes apply to all users. If all users were to access search over a secure connection we would have no organic data to report on.

The controversial point of this update is that query data is still going to be passed on through paid ads. Why is there one rule for people giving money to Google (PPC) and another rule for the occasions when Google does not directly make money (SEO)?

These are just some of the issues covered in the video, and if you have any extra comments please leave them below.

Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis

Our resident analytics specialist is Anna Lewis. Anna is unbelievably attuned to anything analytical and can fill you in on all the latest news, tips and advice to get ahead in this evolving market.

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