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How To Detect And Remove Unnatural Links

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Ollie looks at seven checks you can perform to determine if your links are unnatural, alongside tips on cleaning up bad links. (Transcript)

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Link building forms an essential part of SEO. The number and the quality of links that your site receives will enhance your authority within the search engines. But link building needs to be carried out correctly to be effective. This is where Koozai can help.

We don’t just know how to build links, we’re committed to sourcing the very best links possible.

How Link Building Helps

Search engines value the number and the quality of links that a website has. This tells them how authoritative a site is and contributes to your rankings. Making it a vital component of SEO.

Links also provide users with another way of accessing your website. This way effective link building will improve your rankings as well as drive additional traffic.

What You Need To Consider

Time, it’s an issue right? Building links of the required quality in a quantity that will offer the maximum benefit takes a while, time that you could spend doing what you do. That’s why Koozai are on hand to put in the hard work – building links, so you don’t have to.

Can you rely on an agency to put in the effort you demand? Not all link building companies are capable of getting amazing links but that’s what we thrive on at Koozai – putting in the time and effort to make your site succeed. Every time we get a new link an SEO expert gets their wings. Well not really, but you can see how important links are to us.

Finally, you need to know that your link building campaigns are in good hands. You should able to trust that your link building agency are providing you with ethically sourced links that will deliver a real boost to your website. Rest assured, you can trust us.

How We Do It

Rest assured that our link building strategies are highly trusted, organic and incredibly effective. This means that we do not rely on easy-to-obtain “spammy” links, but rather we focus on quality links that will only work wonders for your SEO campaigns.

Take links from Social Media profiles for example. Setting up profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will help in terms of branding, exposure, as well as driving additional website traffic. These links will also reaffirm your website’s authority to the search engines. As social and search starts to merge, choose Koozai for your link building activity – we’re at the forefront of this development.

Now, when it comes to link building we can’t give away all of our secrets, but our services include, and are not limited to the following:

  • Content Marketing & Strategy
  • Infographics & Large Scale Content
  • Blogging & PR
  • High End Outreach
  • Building up Social Signals

To ensure these techniques work in the best possible way we analyse the Google algorithm and review best practice, making changes where needed so you’ll always be compliant with Google guidelines.

To see how much we love link building, why not get in touch today. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Brand Protection

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Richard Hawley, Marketing Director, Text Marketer
Quote Start We engaged Koozai with the clear objective of increasing our organic search engine rankings and the volume of high quality, influential backlinks to the Textmarketer.co.uk website, utilising a variety of high end, PR led link baiting, Infographics & development techniques.

We have been absolutely delighted with the results and Koozai have managed to exceed our expectations in terms of rankings, traffic and conversions. Quote End

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