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Video Marketing & Advertising is the Fastest-Growing Ad Format Online

Rob Arkell

by Rob Arkell on 4th May 2010

According to an article from eMarketer [see: Ad Agencies Shift Spend to Video] video advertising is the fastest growing format online.

The article estimates growth of about 40% in 2009 will continue at the same pace in 2010, with increases tapering slightly as online video marketing matures.

More and more companies are starting to realise that the growth of social media and the increased use of multimedia is not something they can ignore. Quite simply, without it you and your business could get left behind.

The growth of video advertising can be attributed to its many benefits, some of which are as follows:

•    Ease of behavioural and demographic targeting
•    Ability to raise your brand profile
•    Gain increased online visibility and presence
•    You can gain more traffic from the social aspect of the web

All-in-all online video is maturing into a highly effective platform for advertisers to connect with their target audiences online, to find out more about our services please visit our Video Marketing page.

Rob Arkell

Rob Arkell

The Sales Director for Koozai, Rob Arkell has an unrivalled passion for digital marketing. Rob has been incredibly successful at driving businesses forward; when he’s not busy selling he will be contributing useful and intuitive knowledge regarding this aspect of the industry.

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