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Lucy Griffiths

Strengthen your Online Presence with Video Marketing

30th Apr 2009 Social Media, Video Marketing | 1 Comment

Online video sharing has revolutionised the way in which we interact with media. With free access to a worldwide audience, it has become a forum for every possible form of expression; from serious political messages to entertaining home movies.

Huge global events, such as the current swine flu outbreak, have helped raise the profile of social networking sites with video sharing capabilities, most notably YouTube. World leaders and health authority figures have been able to speak directly to millions of people in order to provide advice and information to halt a potential worldwide pandemic.

This kind of major news story being presented through an online forum highlights just how important sites like YouTube are in effectively communicating to a wider Internet savvy generation. So why not harness this same potential and use it for marketing purposes? The audience is constantly growing and the costs are extremely low, giving you the freedom to be creative and really help boost your site’s online presence.

Share your Corporate Video with the World

There are of course many ways to advertise your company and products, be it covert or otherwise. Video marketing can be as simple as a quick demonstration video to a full-blown advertisement, giving fantastic scope for creating a real brand identity and style. Multi-national companies may well integrate a successful television campaign with an equally popular online version, helping to create a brand buzz; Cadbury’s and T-Mobile would probably be two leading recent examples of this. However, we don’t all have the resources to achieve this.

Just as with site copy, any video marketing you choose to do should remain focussed on exactly what your Website actually offers. Whether embedded on your site or being distributed through an external source, the ultimate goal is to drive incoming traffic and get customers in who will turn hits into sales. So whilst your video’s purpose may be simply to inform, ultimately a video user-guide isn’t going to serve its purpose if no one actually invests in the product or service you offer.

Striking a balance between simply shouting ‘buy me’ repeatedly and offering a service that, while useful, doesn’t manage to convert clicks into anything meaningful isn’t always easy. Creativity and originality is often what we find ourselves looking for, albeit subconsciously. If you can entertain, create attention and keep costs low then you’ll be on to a surefire winner; however, the theory is always easier than the practice unfortunately.

Getting Creative with Video Marketing

Overcrowding your site and external social networking sources with low-quality video isn’t going to have the desired effect, no matter how well-intentioned. If consumers stumble across your advert on YouTube, just as with a search engine text advertisement, you need to ensure the content of your message reflects that of your site and vice versa. Obviously you can’t expect to secure the same blanket coverage of some of the more established advertisers and aforementioned political messages, but ensuring a good quality video with purpose and a message is great way to boost your online credibility.

To get the very best out of your Internet video campaign you may well want to consider investing in a little professional assistance. At Koozai we offer fantastic online video marketing services suitable for companies of all sizes and from all backgrounds. Your corporate video will be submitted to the very best sources to ensure the optimum results, adding a fantastic audiovisual aspect to your online marketing strategy.

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