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Lucy Griffiths

How Can Video Help You Market Your Business Online?

6th Oct 2008 Social Media, Video Marketing | No Comments

The value of video marketing is growing at a pace that businesses cannot ignore.  In the past, television advertising was priced out with the budgets of most SMEs but online video has opened a huge window of opportunity for SMEs that never existed before.  Online video makes video advertising affordable to all!

If you’re wondering what video could do for your business, consider the following cases and see how the use of video in each created an online buzz that has boosted their brand, product or service into a web-wide phenomenon.

An excellent example of how regular genuine blogging combined with the use of video can transform a small family business into a national name is Gary Vaynerchuk and his wine business,  He went from anonymous Russian immigrant to the youngest winner of US Market Watch Magazine’s ‘Market Watch Leader.’  Using a combination of expert wine knowledge, simple web video technology and marketing know-how he became a household name.  Just one man, his product, and some video.

Vaynerchuk was recently interviewed on Ellen and Conan O’Brien. By drinking wine and talking about it online video, he not only skyrocketed his profits, but also become a major A-list media celebrity in the US.  Vaynerchuk claims his success was caused by ‘fresh and current’ content.  In his case, that means spending five days per week in front of the camera.

You’ve got an exceptional blender, but how do you make an impact in a market awash with good quality blenders?  Blendtec came up with a novel way to punch into the market.  Take a respectable looking science guy; take the Blendtec blender and an iPhone.  Now drop the iPhone into the blender and switch it on.  The blender totally destroys the phone, grinding it into a fine powder.  One simple video and the Blendtec blender is an international name, flying off the shelves. They keep the content fresh by changing the object destroyed in their new videos.  More than eight million people have viewed the videos. A great product, a novel idea, lots of video, and dramatic sales volumes.

In a market saturated with beauty products, how could ‘Dove‘ make an impact on its key customer, the average woman?  They created a viral ad that showed how an average looking female could be transformed into billboard model using stylist tricks and photo editing.   Again, a clever idea turned into a time lapsed video, was virally spread the video ad across the net.  This ad spoke to their key customers, it may have started in Canada, but women across the world now have a feeling Dove stands for them.

The success of the examples discussed above give the strong indication that viral videos massively boost traffic and increase sales, leading to the question, how could video help your business? If you think there may be a fit with your business, take a look at our video marketing services page and get in touch for a no-obligation discussion with our Sales Team.

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