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Stephen Logan

UK Internet Users Buying into Social Media

20th Jul 2009 Social Media | No Comments

80% of people with access to the Internet in the UK visited a social media site during the month of May. That’s the equivalent of almost 30 million people, all visiting a site at least once.

Clearly this is one of the most obvious indicators of the draw of social media amongst the general public here in the UK, whilst also providing a signal of its worldwide potential. Whilst the statistics from ComScore don’t highlight exactly how people are using these social media platforms, the simple fact that 30 million people are aware of and have used them shows a near universal interest and awareness in them.

The 25-34 year old age bracket is the most prolific with 89% of people logging on and spending a total of 5.4 hours each month using social media. But even for the 55+ age group social media is a big draw; around two thirds utilised it for 3.7 hours, something that could come as a surprise to many who claim that social media is very much a young person’s fad.

This report should certainly give encouragement to anybody out there who is considering entering the world of social media to market their site or products. Evidently the audience is out there, you just need to find the best way to communicate with them.

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