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Lucy Griffiths

How Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

23rd Mar 2009 Social Media | No Comments

Social media is an instrument that businesses in the United Kingdom can benefit from. The Internet is a powerful tool for marketing your business and more companies than ever throughout the UK are turning to social media to make a connection with their potential and established clients/customers.

What do we mean by social media? It’s an overarching term to describe websites and web tools that allow user communication and interaction. A social media site or tool allows all to participate in the creation of content. Great examples are YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Digg and Twitter. It offers users the ability to connect, communicate and feedback on topics. Social media has many applications and benefits for business.

One of the simplest and largest benefits to any UK-based business using social media is what you get for your money. It’s a very low risk enterprise and the outlay is often minimal and much more effective than traditional advertising methods. You get more for your money.

Another strong benefit is the ability of your customers to provide you with immediate feedback. There’s never been such an immediate and effective way to receive feedback from your client base. Now you can know immediately what they think of your latest update, your newest product or a change in your policies. Whenever Facebook changes a feature, its users immediately begin to discuss it and it makes the International news. Social media is a source of publicity good and bad, but it all creates a buzz around your business.

A further benefit is that you can choose which social media site or tool works best for your business. If you want to update your customers about your latest range of products without much effort, you can use Twitter, a micro blogging tool. However, if you want to speak directly to a large amount of the general public, you can use YouTube to get your message out across the entire world, simply and at low or no cost at all.

A very possible benefit offered by social media is the opportunity to allow your potential customers and clients to get to know and trust you long before they purchase from you. They come to think of you as part of their sphere, they look to you for knowledge, advice, they may even attempt to connect directly with you and this offers them a greater sense that you are a credible and trustworthy source. Then, when it’s time to buy a product/service that you offer, they’ll think of you.

Are you unsure about something in your business? Do you need to know what your customers think before you make a decision? Bingo! Just ask them directly and they’ll give you their honest opinion. You no longer need to make decisions based on luck, you can connect with the people who already buy what you sell and they’ll offer you their truthful opinion. Businesses never had this level of connection to their customers before.

Take advantage of social media marketing, it’s low cost and highly effective, businesses can no longer afford to ignore it!

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