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14 Statistics That Prove Beyond A Doubt The Importance Of Social Media

Mike Essex

by Mike Essex on 30th October 2013

Social Media StatsCustomers are increasingly expecting a greater degree of service on Social Media and it’s becoming imperative that brands strive to achieve this. Today’s infographic from Ambassador looks at the numbers behind this trend and how you can take action.

Some of the key points include:

  • 71% of online customers expect to recieve assistance within five minutes of reaching out to a company
  • 33% of customers would rather contact a company through social media than by telephone
  • 92% of consumers in the UK have left one business for another due to poor customer service
  • 48% of consumers have left a site if they didn’t receive assistance
  • If customers recieve good service via social media they are likely to spend 21% more
  • 71% of customers who have a postiive experience via social media are likely to recommend the company, only 19% of those who don’t recieve a response would still recommend then
  • 73% of the top-performing companies said customer service was one of the main reasons they engaged in social media
  • 70% of those helped via social media customer service return as future customers

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Source: Ambassador

The views expressed in this Infographic are those of the original creator so may not represent those of the Koozai team.

Mike Essex

Mike Essex

Mike Essex specialises in digital marketing and everything search. A recent project of Mike’s was featured on BBC News, Radio 5Live and the Times here in the UK, whilst also featuring on USA Today and ABC News in the US. He will be writing throughout the month about digital marketing and much more...

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1 Comment

  • tony 30th October 2013

    Hi Mike,

    Great post and content as always.

    Something that’s been bugging me and inhibiting my Social Media campaign planning properly.

    Regarding a Facebook Post Promotion campaign.

    I put in all of my targeting criteria, let’s take an example of Ireland, Female Only, 25+ with kids 0-15yrs.

    FB gives me back my estimated audience of 22,000 users who fit that criteria with an estimated CPC of €0.20.

    That’s all fine, but i’m still unable to properly judge just how much budget i’d need.

    I could say, 22,000 users divided by €0.20 per click = €110.00 budget.

    Or just to get that message to them, regardless of them clicking on it, FB estimates €3.00 CPM.

    So I could just say €65 budget divided by €3.00 CPM * 1000 = 21,666 impressions (close enough).

    However, this is still not accurate because the post does not go JUST to that audience. It also goes to their friends.

    So my budget could be used up after only reaching half of my intended audience, while the other half of my budget has been spent on their friends engaging with it.

    Any thoughts?

    Reply to this comment

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