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Oliver Ewbank

Wimbledon a Success on Court and Online

6th Jul 2009 SEO | No Comments

After another epic Wimbledon which saw Roddick battle it out with Federer in a five set final, Serena triumph over sister Venus and the first use of a much anticipated roof, it’s no surprise IBM-run has received record visits to their site.

The official Wimbledon website, known for its instant results, thorough news coverage and priceless ticket info, massively expanded their online presence with Pay Per Click advertising and social media networks.

In addition to securing the organic top spot on all search engines the tennis website also advertised on paid search. This approach not only increased their online visibility but also pointed users to the all important profit pages of their website.

Numerous internet searchers looking for the latest tennis results have undoubtedly been tempted into purchasing a Wimbledon t-shirt or two with the sponsored link diverting them straight to the online store. This approach again highlights the convenience of PPC, especially over a short period of time.

The site’s biggest revelation was IBM’s test launch of the Wimbledon smartphone application. Its new service, running on Google’s Android operating system, superimposes real-time statistics and updates from social networking site Twitter, making all important scores and information readily available to enthusiastic fans.

This new  service seems destined for success in 2010, especially if this year’s Wimbledon Twitter figures are anything to go by. A whopping 21,011 tennis enthusiasts  followed regular updates at this year’s tournament.

Over the past two weeks Wimbledon has seen the benefits of social media and PPC,  both vital pieces in the online marketing jigsaw, making the event a roaring success both on and off the court.

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