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Stephen Logan

Why is Link Building Important to SEO?

4th Nov 2009 SEO | 5 Comments

Why is Link Building Important to SEO?

Links are the lifeblood of the Internet. If there were an online currency, it would be represented by this network of interconnecting sites. As with any currency, your fiscal strength is determined by the amount you have in the bank; the more you have, the stronger your position.

The search engines have to act as a moderator for the Internet. It is there job to sift through the trillions of pages and order them in terms of relevance. To do this they first need to be able to judge a site’s authority, one of the key factors used to determine authority is by reviewing the linking structure.

A website without any inbound links may be construed as having little or no relevance by a search engine spider. Using the principle that a website will only link to another one if it considers it to be of value to their own visitors, it’s not hard to see why a site with no links could be considered of little or no value in the eyes of a search engine.

When a search engine crawler goes through a website it is unable to see the design or to rate your level of service, all it can see is the text content and linking structure. This puts a huge emphasis on the quality of your content as well as your linking structure; just one reason why link building is so important.

Every link that you do manage to gain, whether it’s from a directory, blog or website, will help build your site’s core strength. As in most areas of SEO, some are more effective than others though. The relevance of the link and the strength of the site that has provided will often determine just how much strength you gain. Whilst quantity is extremely important, so too is the quality and diversity of a linking structure.

To get a good number of links from a diverse range of high quality sites is the ultimate ambition for any link building strategy. It can take time to do build this kind of infrastructure and is rarely straightforward, this can deter some websites. You need to know where the best sources are to obtain links, how best to go about it and how to avoid the toxic ones that will do more damage than good to your site; so it’s not always straightforward.

Good original content, in time, should attract website owners and Internet users to want to provide a link. This is a very naturalistic way of doing link building. Obviously there are no guarantees, but as quality content represents effective and ethical SEO, it’s certainly a positive way of adding to a more deliberate link building strategy.

Links may be important to SEO, but they are also a good way of driving targeted traffic from sources other than a conventional search engine. The more you have coming in, and the better the sources of those links, the better your chance of having your site seen by a wider cross-section of the Internet’s populous.

So link building isn’t just important in SEO, it’s essential.

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