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Stephen Logan

Using Article Marketing to Boost your Linking Profile and Traffic

8th Sep 2009 SEO | No Comments

It may sound unconventional, it may even sound unlikely, but article marketing really can work wonders for your SEO. Having built a ground swell of popularity over the past few years, the benefits are now finally being seen by a far wider cross-section of online marketers.

At its very core, article marketing provides two major benefits; firstly it creates wider exposure for the author and their website and secondly it provides valuable inbound links, providing SEO strength and valuable traffic.

Article marketing can be used as part of a far wider link building strategy or SEO work. In most instances you’ll be able to add up to two or three individual links in an individual piece, often confined to the author’s blurb at the foot.

Not only do you gain the initial link from the host site (using a high ranking one such as Ezine or iSnare will produce stronger links), but if somebody finds it interesting they may choose to use it on their own website, thus gaining an extra free link. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits can be significant.

There is a social element to article distribution too. Within sites you will often find that people will leave comments and subscribe to certain feeds that they feel are of value to them. This in itself can be hugely beneficial in expanding your readership and popularising the website that you’re looking to promote.

To take this approach further, you can of course cross promote your article through other sources. Just as you might do with a useful blog post or an interesting web page, you can use social media and, more importantly, bookmarking tools to ensure the very best coverage. After all, the more the article is read and distributed, the more exposure you can gain for the site it has been designed to promote. Unconventional maybe, but if you’re providing genuinely useful information, then there are few better ways of gaining a link.

Keywords are vital to their success. You want to keep the article fresh, informative and entertaining, but you also need to bear its secondary purpose in mind – to promote. Optimise your title to include your key phrase in the first few words. You can also do some research beforehand to see how competitive that title is in search terms, and how many visitors are looking for it. Once an article is submitted it becomes a one-page mini site therefore it is vital to optimise the article before submission to drive people to your website.

You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to submitting your articles. Ezine articles, Article Dashboard, Article Base, iSnare and many more besides, will all provide a straightforward and free method of distribution (although iSnare will charge a premium fee to use certain features including optimised text links). To take full advantage of this effective link building strategy, you may want to consider professional article marketing services.

Taking these few simple steps will ensure that you get the maximum return for your effort.

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