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Lucy Griffiths

Squidoo – One Piece of the Puzzle for SEO

24th Dec 2008 SEO | 2 Comments

For those who are interested in increasing their web presence, Squidoo offers an interesting opportunity. If you haven’t visited Squidoo, you might not understand what it is. Squidoo is a sort of cross between MySpace and Wikipedia. It’s a space where you can promote yourself, your company, and your ideas or simply write a page about any topic that you’re passionate about.


Each page is called a Lens. Lenses are easy to create, and there is a Squidoo Wizard to help you do this. You can create a good Squidoo lens with about 30 uninterrupted minutes. Of course, keeping it up to date and fresh, will take more of a time commitment. Google seems to have a very positive attitude towards Squidoo lenses when it comes to SEO.

SEO and Squidoo

If you wish to use Squidoo for SEO purposes, then make a relevant keyword rich lens on Squidoo related either directly to your business or to an area of interest within your business.

But how do you get Google to power up the SEO value of your Squidoo page? This is simple and relies on our old friend the ever-important backlink. If you want your Squidoo page to assist with increasing your web presence, you need to ensure that people make backlinks using keyword rich anchor text from their site to your Squidoo lens. This is the best way to get a Squidoo lens indexed on Google. This helps Google to view your Squidoo page as relevant. The more quality backlinks to your Squidoo lens, the more popularity votes your Squidoo page gets, and the more relevant Google assesses your lens.

Squidoo Tags

Many people are unaware of the power of the tags on Squidoo. Experts debate their value. But the tags can make all of the difference between having your lens read and indexed by Google and seeing it end up discarded and lost in cyberspace. Adding keyword tags to your Squidoo lens will help Google in the indexing process and will help your Squidoo lens become searchable from the Squidoo index.


If you’re going to make Squidoo work for you, you’ll want to get traffic to it. If you use backlinks and tags, that’s the first step, but there are other things. By giving something away of value on your Squidoo, you’ll likely increase your inbound traffic and potentially the quality backlinks that you need. So, if you’re able to write articles, or an entire e-Book on something of interest to lots of people, you’ll conceivably gain considerable traffic.

Squidoo for You?

If you’re interested in improving your web presence through SEO then Squidoo can help. It’s important to remember that Squidoo is just one piece of the entire SEO puzzle and that a blended approach to Search Engine Optimisation is still the most successful method of gaining the results that you seek.

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