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Lucy Griffiths

Marketing Healthcare Online

2nd Feb 2009 SEO | No Comments

These days, when someone has a problem, they go to the Internet for the solution.  Smart Internet marketers have learned to offer their products and services in the form of solutions to those problems.  Nothing could be truer than the area of health and healthcare.  These days, before they even think of calling the Doctor’s Surgery, many people Google their symptoms to see what they can find out.   Even when they’ve been to the Doctor, people still search for more information around what they’ve been told by their physician.

UK Healthcare Spend Continues to Rise

The average family in the UK now spends £1200 per year on private healthcare.  Where do those families look for details of private healthcare providers? The answer, of course, is the Internet and the companies that appear on the first page of Google for the search term they used when looking for their solution.

In the past few years at Koozai, we’ve seen an increase in companies looking to us for help in marketing their healthcare products and services online.  Why? Because quite rightly, they want to share in the £15 billion spent each year on private healthcare!

Marketing Healthcare Online Works!

Many of the big companies have already got their Internet marketing organised, and by people finding them first when searching online, they’re taking the lion’s share of the healthcare target market online.  But SMEs don’t have to sit back and take their meagre leftovers! Many smaller and medium-sized healthcare businesses are fighting back, using the latest Internet marketing techniques that can really help them compete with the big boys.

There’s no point signing up with a company that’s offering you quick success.  First of all, there’s no such thing.  Guarantees are worth nothing when it comes to Internet marketing; what counts are the results.  Always look for a company that allows you the time to assess results and doesn’t tie you into a lengthy contract.

Even if you’re confident about designing and building a website and selling from it, you might not have the knowledge to promote your business effectively online.  Traditional marketing techniques need an overhaul when applied to the Internet and specialist skills and knowledge are now required.  What you need is month by month support and assistance in building your company’s online presence and very soon, you’ll start seeing results: Increased Google placement, improved traffic to your website, new sign-ups, orders and sales.

Whether you want to start off just improving your natural search results, or start paying for online ads to massively ramp up the flow of traffic to your site, an online marketing agency can meet your needs at each stage of development.

The best approach to Internet marketing is a blended one.  By combining SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for a higher Google ranking, plus carefully crafted keyword targeted AdWords for an increased supply of qualified traffic, you’ll see more and more customers arriving at your site.  Of course, this means your company website needs to be ready to handle qualified traffic from people interested in your buying your product or services.  So, now’s the time to update your site if it isn’t ready!

If you’re a marketing professional looking to promote a healthcare business online, take a look through some of our SEO case studies to see how we could help your business attract more qualified leads.

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