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Lucy Griffiths

Local Search Engine Marketing

19th Sep 2008 SEO, Local Search | No Comments

The importance of Local Search, the industry term for Local Search Engine Marketing, is rising.  Over the past few years, Local Search has gained in sophistication and taken an increasingly significant role in Internet Marketing. Local Search is yet another vital revolution in the way that we search for, buy and sell products and services on the Internet.

Since the Internet first became a major marketplace, online retailers have competed for the attention of the world’s consumers.  This has been great for global business; it means that a small business in Southampton, England can compete with key retailers and sell its products to customers anywhere in the World.  But it also means that any trader with access to the World Wide Web can sell to Southampton too!  Online retailers who want to attract local customers to them need to work to compete on a local level.

In order to increase the profile of local businesses to local customers, Local Search was created.  In 2006, over 20% of all searches made on the Internet were intended to find something local.   The big Search Engine companies like Google and MSN are all spending huge sums of money developing their own search technologies and experts reveal that Local Search is the biggest area of research and development that’s likely to start affecting the way we all buy and sell our products and services from now on.

In order to benefit most from local searches, your company should dominate all local keyword searches. Local Search isn’t going away, it’s only going to develop and grow as a direct, cost-effective method of online marketing.  It’s important to know that any online business wishing to compete locally will need to carefully construct a local search engine marketing plan.

So what are the benefits for online retailers of using Local Search Engine Marketing to reach their target customers?

  • Local Search is a cost effective way of marketing.  You only pay to market to customers who are searching within your specified geographical area.
  • Local Search Engine Marketing is like placing a giant advert for your product or service in front of qualified traffic. Your ads are positioned to appear to people that are already looking for what you offer within your designated area.
  • Unlike the potential expense of dominating keyword searches on a national or international level, Local Search Engine Marketing allows you to completely dominate keyword searches in your area and save money by specifying local searches.
  • See increased sales as customers search for you; get a superior ROI for your marketing costs.
  • Customers use the Internet to compare potential retailers but are more likely to trust local retailers over those located further away.
  • Local Search increases offline traffic such as footfall and telephone enquiries for those businesses with a physical storefront.

Whereas Local Search Engine Marketing was once an optional extra, for businesses retailing on the Internet, it’s now a real necessity! We offer a complete Local Search Engine Marketing Service for any UK business looking to increase visits from searchers in their geographical area.

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