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The Psychology of Link Building (Outreach Mind Control)

Mike Essex

by Mike Essex on 1st March 2012

Psychology of Link BuildingIt’s tough to get links from high profile websites such as the Guardian and TIME and only the strongest pitches and most effective outreach will get results. To do this it’s vital you understand the way people you are contacting work, alongside the needs they have, and all the hundreds of others things they have to get done.

You can do this with psychology, and in this presentation we reveal the same psychological techniques we used to get coverage in the BBC, Daily Mail, CBS, TIME and many more. Best of all we show you how to do this too.


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For this talk Koozai partnered with Distilled for an evening of networking, presentations and good times.

If you haven’t signed up for the Linklove conference be sure to check it out, or learn more about the other speakers Annabel Hodges and Philip Nottingham who gave excellent talks.


You can view a full set of photos from my talk on our Facebook page. A few sample shots are below:

The Psychology of Link Building

View more photos on our Facebook page.

Slide Cover

We also put together a custom cover for this presentation which was inspired by retro books and video game covers.

Psychology of Link Building

Mike Essex

Mike Essex

Mike Essex specialises in digital marketing and everything search. A recent project of Mike’s was featured on BBC News, Radio 5Live and the Times here in the UK, whilst also featuring on USA Today and ABC News in the US. He will be writing throughout the month about digital marketing and much more...

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  • Ed Yates 23rd October 2013

    The slide show demonstrates how easy a well thought out campaign can be shared. Most of the best links that I have personally acquired were indirect and were delivered in a soft and suggestive tone that also gave the recipient the ‘accessibility’ to make this happen. The consideration was in their control. No pressure was applied (although persistence can sometimes be a virtue!) Ultimately, they chose whether they wanted to link to these assets. I was simply the vehicle. I love seeding juicy fruit!

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