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Lucy Griffiths

Giving Your Website and SEO a Spring Clean

30th Mar 2010 SEO | No Comments

The days are getting longer. The weather is warming up (supposedly). Easter is just around the corner. All of this means that spring has finally sprung! So what better time to give your website a spring clean?

After a cold, gloomy winter, energies are renewed for the onset of the summer months. With the ice, snow, rain and fog soon to be a thing of the past (not soon enough here), there is optimism once again about the year ahead of us.

With freshness and positivity abound, now is the time to give your website a spring clean.

Time has a way of wearing us all down a little. Maybe we’re not as spritely as we once were, don’t have the same drive or enthusiasm for something. This happens on websites too.

Small issues, such as broken links, out-dated text and design quirks, can slowly clump together and drag down your website. Individually they are forgivable; together they give a worn appearance, implying that a site is under-developed and out-dated. So now is the time to spruce things up.

You don’t need to have a full site re-vamp. Whilst that will give your online aspirations a major shot in the arm, you can just as easily make small, essential changes throughout. This will remove any technical gremlins and give you the chance to give it a spruce up.

So where should you start your spring clean?

Why not start with visible issues? Is your font difficult to read, could it do with updating? Does the web design look like something from the last millennium? Is your content still relevant and engaging?

Content is particularly important, as you might expect. It provides the mouthpiece for a website. So if it sounds tired and outdated, so too will your site. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Do a little keyword research and see if search patterns have changed at all. Implement these new terms into your content and breathe some fresh life into your main pages.

What next?

How about your HTML? Are there coding errors that you’ve been glossing over for a while? These can build up and gradually slow down your site. Whilst most won’t be visible, having clean coding throughout your site is certainly a good practice and one that can have benefits.

Following on nicely from coding, you should also give some thought to your site’s page load time. Are there elements that could be slowing it down? Do you have large images that have been compressed on your site? If so, resize them off-site and upload them again. The picture will appear the same but won’t take as long to load. For more information on speeding up your site read our earlier post, 10 Tips for reducing Page Load Time.

Do you have a lot of 302 temporary redirects across your site? If so, you will want to change these to permanent 301 redirects as part of your spring clean. Whilst you will possibly lose a little link juice for a 301 redirect, this is greatly amplified with temporary redirects. This means that you could be sacrificing strength and rankings for a page unnecessarily.

With this in mind, it is also important to scan for broken links. Use Webmaster Tools to determine where problems may lie and then deal with the issues individually. Perhaps you have a product that you’ve removed but still have links leading to the page. Maybe you’ve changed domains and some links are still pointing at redundant URLs. Get these fixed, watch your site benefit.

Websites are very rarely complete. It is always possible to add to, edit or clean up elements. Even the Koozai site has undergone major changes over the past few months. As we’ve included new services, including Landing Page Optimisation, case studies and site elements (such as the SEO tools), the website has evolved.

You should be no different. Your website is a reflection of your business. Therefore if you want to evoke professionalism, you have to have a site that is fully functioning, engaging and contemporary. So make it your mission to give the website a spruce up this springtime.

Small changes can lead to big differences. Get all those tasks you’ve been promising to do for ages and get them finished once and for all. Take the time to really analyse your site and make the edits that could take it to the next level.

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