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Lucy Griffiths

8 Blogging Resources

20th Dec 2008 Content Marketing | No Comments

On the 8th Day of Christmas, Koozai share 8 blogging resources:

1. WordPress. Open-source blogging software. A multitude of uses
2. Free WordPress Video Theme, courtesy of Koozai
3. BlogPulse. Find out what’s hot in the blogosphere
4. Backtype. Find, follow and share comments
5. BloggerDesign. Great tips on blog design and usability
6. Performancing Metrics. (Update Oct 13: Sadly this is no longer available)
7. ProBlogger. Darren Rouse provides ‘sledgeloads‘ of tips and advice
8. BlogCatalog. A ‘social blogger community’, i.e. blog directory with interaction between bloggers

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