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Lucy Griffiths

Becoming an Authority in your Niche

13th Jan 2009 SEO | No Comments

To become an authority in your niche means that you must exhibit credibility. On the Internet, credibility means demonstrating a reassuring presence, projecting yourself as a trusted authority that people can place their confidence in when looking for answers.

Most people use Search Engines to find answers to questions they have, or solutions to problems they’ve encountered. By becoming an authority in your particular niche, you can be the first person that people turn to, on and offline for help and advice. This can massively increase traffic to your website and make you the most trusted authority for your niche on the Internet.

So how do you become an authority?

More than 12 million people in the UK read a blog each day. It’s a quick, simple way of disseminating your knowledge on the Internet with little or no cost. You can host your blog at one of the good free blogging websites such as Blogger or WordPress. Or you can add a WordPress blog to your own website and blog from there. Pick a daily topic and air your views, remember to naturally sprinkle in some powerful keywords and add keyword inspired content tags to your blog posts. Soon, others will link to your blog, disseminating your knowledge (crediting you) and spreading your authority for you without any effort on your part. See our blog marketing services page if you can see this fitting your business.

Guest Blogging
If your blogging is successful, you can ask, or be asked to guest blog on higher profile websites, this adds further credibility.

Optimised Forums
Contributing to forums that are Search Engine optimised is a great way to disseminate your niche expertise. People ask questions and look for solutions all the time on forums, you’ll quickly become known for the excellent, reliable solutions that you can provide and on the occasion that they need to buy a product or service, they’re much more likely to come to you.

Expert Articles
A tried and tested way to gain total authority in your niche is publishing free articles online. By becoming an expert article author on your own website and Google-friendly submission sites, you can help people across the world benefit from your expertise and grow your authority globally. At Koozai, we have a range of article marketing services that provide an effective solution for anyone looking to use this strategy as part of their online marketing efforts.

Publish a Book or eBook
Authorship always creates authority in a subject area. If you’ve published a book on the subject of your niche, then people will place a huge amount of trust in you. A good second-best option is to release an eBook. eBooks are the perfect way to demonstrate your authority in your niche, and what’s more people can buy it directly from you website, so you can earn money from it.

Publish Press Releases about your Achievements
There are hundreds of free and paid press release-publishing services online. When you release a product, add a service or do anything newsworthy, release a Press Release about it.

Whether it’s from your website or from iTunes, you can disseminate your expert knowledge through audio podcasts. Giving away knowledge is one of the best ways to gain trust and it’s even better accompanied by the sound of your own voice. Video Casts work similarly but increase the credibility because people get a chance to ‘meet’ you.

Combine all this with being top on Google, and you’ve got a powerful way to boost your business. Whilst you can use an SEO company such as Koozai to help you with many of these activities, your results will be greatly improved if you actively contribute to your niche and develop authority.

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