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Bing (Microsoft) adCenter

Samantha Noble

by Samantha Noble on 2nd July 2009

Bing AdcenterThe re-launch of MSN Live to Bing has generated a lot of hype across the Internet. Many advertisers who wouldn’t have considered using the Microsoft adCenter before are certainly giving it some thought now.

There  are many tools available for new advertisers and also those that have been running paid search campaigns for years.

Accounts and Access

With an AdCenter Account, you can assign up to six different client accounts each with a separate credit card associated to it. This is a great option for agencies managing multiple client accounts or for advertisers running multiple sites.

Multiple user profiles can be added to each account with varying access levels depending on how much information you want each user to see.


Daily or monthly budgets can be allocated at campaign level within each account, ensuring that budgets are not overspent. The credit card associated with the account will be charged once the stipulated budget has been met.


Tracking conversions couldn’t be simpler. Similar to Google Conversion Tracking, you are required to just add a simple piece of code to the final page of the conversion funnel. For step by step instructions visit the Microsoft Advertising Community Blog

adCenter Desktop

The adCenter Desktop is an excellent tool giving advertisers the opportunity of managing their pay per click accounts offline. The tool makes creating new campaigns and optimising existing campaigns simple and fast.

The tool can be downloaded from a link on your adCenter home page and more information can be found in the adCentre Learning Centre

adExcellent Training & Exam

The Microsoft adExcellence programme provides advertisers with free training to help you get the most out of your client’s campaigns. The training also prepares you for the adExcellence accreditation exam, to enable agencies to increase industry recognition.

Need Help?

Here at Koozai, we specialise in Bing Pay Per Click Management across multiple search engines and social media sites. If you would like us to contact you and review your current pay per click campaigns, then please do give us a call!

Samantha Noble

Samantha Noble

Samantha Noble is the Marketing Director at Koozai; having worked within the marketing industry for over nine years, Sam has a plethora of marketing knowledge. With a strong understanding of digital marketing techniques, Sam will be covering all aspects of search and the industry in general.


  • Hi Sam,

    Many thanks for this comprehensive explanation.

    Just to let you know that we have also recently increased the number of client per credit card to more than 6. This was a decision made following several customer request, primarly amongst agencies like Koozai. It is an option that can be activated when contacting our UK-based Search Experts (contact 0800 633 5915 between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday).

    I would also point you towards a brilliant tool, available free, that makes the planning of your search campaign even more efficient. The Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tool (available for download here: http://www.LetSearchMakeYouSmarter.com, with tutorials and case studies) is an add-on to Excel which connects to historical logs to provide keyword suggestion, click trends, CPC indication for different phrase match… But also demographic and geographic information. All that for free, straight in Excel so you can play around with it.

    Hope this helps your readers…


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