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  • Anna Lewis
    What Does Bounce Rate Mean and Why is it Important?

    Bouncing BallGoogle Analytics can be confusing to the untrained eye, however the majority of it is all very straight forward once you get the hang of the terminology and data available. One of the most common stumbling blocks is understanding what Bounce Rate means, as it’s reported widely throughout Google Analytics. This post will take you through what Bounce Rate is, what is a good bounce rate and how to improve your bounce rate.

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  • Emma North
    The Real Metric For Measuring SEO Success...

    Measuring SEO Success…and it’s not organic traffic! It’s easy to watch organic traffic climb consistently after a hefty investment in Search Engine Optimisation and automatically assume success. It’s even easier to deem a decline in organic traffic as failure. But is this really the best metric to consider when measuring SEO success?

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  • Anna Lewis
    Top 10 Most Important Google Analytics Reports – Keyword Rankings Need Not Apply

    Google Analytics Important ReportsEver found yourself wondering where to go in Google Analytics? There is so much data available that you can sometimes get a little lost and not know what you should be focusing on; so this blog post is here to help you know the main areas to look at for the valuable information. This is particularly important now that some SEO tool companies are removing their rank tracking services – this post will help you identify data that is more valuable than rank reports!

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  • James Perrin
    How Digital Marketing is Changing the Sports Industry

    This week sees London host the long awaited Olympic Games. With the event being dubbed as the first truly Digital games, it got me thinking; Digital Marketing has truly changed the way sport is consumed, packaged and sold to consumers. Let’s take a closer look at what I mean.

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  • Tara West

    As an SEO, I spend lots of time optimising websites to get them indexed by Google, so today I thought I’d turn it around and write about how to get a website removed from Google! This post talks about when you might want to keep content away from Google-Bot, and what your options are depending on whether you own the website.

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  • Chris Simmance
    The Best SEO & PPC Jokes

    ClownsWho says SEO isn’t fun?… Well a few people I suppose…. But what do they know! After winning Sitevisibility’s Brighton SEO joke competition I thought I would share some of the SEO & PPC related jokes I have come up with over the last few months. A few of the team also got involved with their own jokes. Some of these are hilarious…Others, not so much; but nonetheless I’m sharing them. Feel free to use the ‘Tweet This’ button to share them too!.. Even the bad ones!

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