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  • Gemma Holloway
    Universal Analytics and Cookies – The Complete Guide

    Universal AnalyticsUniversal Analytics uses cookies as a means for collecting data and customising these cookies can allow you to collect the exact data you require for your project.  In this blog post I am going to look at the cookies used by Universal Analytics and the potential customisations of those cookies.  Finally, I am going to look at some specific cookie data and decipher what the different data refers to.

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  • Lenka Istvanova
    The Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post That Gets Results

    Content MarketingContent is not enough! The look and presentation of what you write counts too. You can have very good content but your readers don’t stick around or share it. Why? Because your content is not engaging or in other words hasn’t been packaged in the correct way. Let’s look at how this can be done.

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  • Tom Howlett
    Meta Tags for SEO - Best Practices Guide

    Meta TagsMeta Tags are elements used on every page of a website to provide information related to the website and the individual pages of the website. Here are some common Meta tags:

    1)      <title>The Title of the Page</title>

    2)      <meta name=”description” content=”Description of page” />

    3)      <meta name=”keywords” content=”Keywords related to page” />

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  • Anna Lewis
    Getting Started Guide to Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics

    Google Tag ManagerWith a number of advancements in Google Analytics technology recently, I wanted to write this post to bring together how you can make the most of some of these new and exciting features through a simple implementation guide.

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  • Anna Lewis
    Top 10 Most Important Google Analytics Reports – Keyword Rankings Need Not Apply

    Google Analytics Important ReportsEver found yourself wondering where to go in Google Analytics? There is so much data available that you can sometimes get a little lost and not know what you should be focusing on; so this blog post is here to help you know the main areas to look at for the valuable information. This is particularly important now that some SEO tool companies are removing their rank tracking services – this post will help you identify data that is more valuable than rank reports!

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