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Koozai’s SEO Analyser iPhone App Reaches 1,000 Downloads in First Month

Rob Arkell

by Rob Arkell on 2nd September 2010

Koozai’s Website SEO Analyser iPhone App achieves 1,000 downloads within a month of being released.

Last month we announced the release of our free Website SEO Analyser to the world. Well now we’re pleased to report that after just a month it has already been downloaded by 1,000 users.

The good news for everybody else though is that it is still available and still won’t cost you a penny. To find out a little more about the application and how it could help you please visit my original post – Koozai Unveil Free Website SEO Analyser App.

In short though, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users are able to get a full SEO analysis of their website. Simply by inputting your URL you’ll receive a report that provides a handy overview of any site’s strength based on a number of SEO factors.

So if you’re worried your link profile isn’t strong enough, want to find out whether your Meta is up to scratch or check when your domain was first registered, our Website SEO Analyser can help you.

We’re extremely happy to have reached the 1,000 download mark so quickly and hope that this is just one of many milestones the app achieves. If you would like to know any more or try it out for yourself, simply visit the iTunes store and search for ‘Website SEO Analyser’ or click here.

Rob Arkell

Rob Arkell

The Sales Director for Koozai, Rob Arkell has an unrivalled passion for digital marketing. Rob has been incredibly successful at driving businesses forward; when he’s not busy selling he will be contributing useful and intuitive knowledge regarding this aspect of the industry.


  • tdaonp 8th September 2010

    Are apps becoming the bane of the browser? And with it the bane of Internet content creators who rely on eyeballs on the original story to receive revenue?

    I wrote an article exploring that question: http://www.noisepollution.nl/?p=2287

    Kind regards,

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    • Rob Arkell

      Rob 4th October 2010

      Hi Henk,

      Many thanks for your comment!

      The growth in mobile internet usage has been phenomenal. For example over 3 billion apps have been downloaded from the iTunes app store in 18 months [Source: http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2010/01/05appstore.html, 2010].

      Also in 2013 it is estimated that smartphone sales will surpass PC sales [Source: Mobile World Congress, 2010] and that in three years mobile data traffic will increase 66 times [Source: Gartner, 1/10].

      On top of this half of all new internet connections are now mobile [Source: Mobile World Congress, 2010], which all leads us towards saying that apps may well become the bane of the browser.

      It will be interesting to see how things develop in the mobile space over the next couple of years!

      Kind regards,

      Rob Arkell

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