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Lucy Griffiths

John Sergeant Leads Search Engines a Merry Dance

21st Nov 2008 News, Koozai News | No Comments

With all the controversy surrounding the “will he, won’t he” debacle of John Sergeant and Strictly Come Dancing, I thought it would be interesting to see what impact this event has had in terms of the search engines and blogging community.

The sometime reporter and now legendary entertainer (apparently) has caused quite a stir by leaving the BBC show so as to not risk winning this dance contest and ruining the chances of the other contestants.

I picked another of the contestants completely at random, Rachel Stevens, to see how the pair compared in terms of search engine traffic:

John Sergeant v Rachel Stevens

John Sergeant v Rachel Stevens

Even with all the free publicity, John is still languishing behind Rachel in the search stakes. Fancy that. This is also borne out by the blogging community and the trends provided by Blogpulse:

John Sergeant v Rachel Stevens Blog Trend

John Sergeant v Rachel Stevens Blog Trend

Not as clear cut, but seeing that interest in John “Nice” Sergeant seems to be on the wain yet he’s clearly a safe pair of hands entertainment wise for the BBC, I wonder if there’s any vacancies over at Radio 2 that we’ll see him waltz in to?

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