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Another SEO Success Story

Rob Arkell

by Rob Arkell on 16th July 2010

Due to the continued success of the NHJ Style Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign we are delighted to have been appointed to work on the company’s new anti-ageing portal, Look & Feel Younger, by Nicky Hambleton-Jones.

Since we took over their SEO, the site has seen an 81% increase in traffic, including month on month traffic gains for ‘Personal Stylist’. Read the Full NHJ Style Case Study to find out more.

Rob Arkell

Rob Arkell

The Sales Director for Koozai, Rob Arkell has an unrivalled passion for digital marketing. Rob has been incredibly successful at driving businesses forward; when he’s not busy selling he will be contributing useful and intuitive knowledge regarding this aspect of the industry.

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