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Social Media Blog Posts

  • Andrew Tonks
    Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO

    BookmarksSocial bookmarking sites offer the opportunity to save web addresses, aka bookmarks, to public sites. Read more

  • Andy Williams
    5 Useful Social Bookmarking Widgets

    WidgetsGiving readers a way to bookmark your pages or blog posts has become an important element of any site these days.

    Not giving visitors the ability to bookmark now leaves you running the risk of losing them completely. Sharing content has become as much a part of using the Internet as shopping online.

    So including a bookmarking widget on your pages is now an important part of any site.

    Read more

  • Andy Williams
    How To Gain Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites

    BookmarksSocial bookmarking can send a lot of traffic to any site. If you do it correctly then you can see a huge increase in visitors. Sites like Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit can turn into a valuable source of visitors.

    The trick is getting your content onto the front page of these types of sites, however a lot depends on you making the right submissions and ensuring the correct information is in place.

    Success can also lead to your site and pages receiving new incoming links.

    Here we have some areas to think about when submitting to bookmarking sites to help work towards improved traffic.
    Read more

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