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Social Media Blog Posts

  • Stephen Logan
    Why Viral Campaigns Succeed (and Fail)

    Go ViralViral campaigns don’t just happen. It takes planning, strategy and a fair amount of good luck. After all, perfectly acceptable ideas can fall flat or be hijacked by an unforgiving social audience. So how can you create a successful viral campaign?

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  • Graeme Benge
    Online Marketing In The Travel Industry

    ColosseumThe travel sector has been one of the fiercest online marketing battle grounds for some time. You can either put your tin hat on and wait for the dust to settle (that’s not going to happen I hope you realise. Ever.) or you can take advantage of the opportunities the web has and flourish.

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  • James Perrin
    Copywriting Tips: Writing for Social Media

    WritingWith an ever increasing emphasis being placed on social, 2012 is certainly the year to start taking advantage of all the existing and emerging platforms currently available. Whether you’re a business looking after your own social media campaigns, or an agency or consultant working on behalf of a client, it’s certainly an important aspect to get right – and this is where learning simple copywriting tips for social media will pay dividends.
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  • Andy Williams
    How To Gain Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites

    BookmarksSocial bookmarking can send a lot of traffic to any site. If you do it correctly then you can see a huge increase in visitors. Sites like Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit can turn into a valuable source of visitors.

    The trick is getting your content onto the front page of these types of sites, however a lot depends on you making the right submissions and ensuring the correct information is in place.

    Success can also lead to your site and pages receiving new incoming links.

    Here we have some areas to think about when submitting to bookmarking sites to help work towards improved traffic.
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