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  • Stephen Logan
    Why Influence is Essential in Online Marketing

    Richard BransonIt doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a brand, influence is now king. A legion of followers can offer a wealth of opportunities, just as being a recognisable name within an industry can ensure untainted visibility on any platform you wish.

    The Internet is the ultimate popularity contest. You either play the game, or you get left behind. With one wave of his Twitter wand, Stephen Fry can raise awareness of causes, channel thousands of visits to a news story, or even make a relatively unknown guitarist a star. In the same regard, big businesses need to do little more than snap up a load of domains, cobble together a decent website and wait for Google to promote them to the top.

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  • James Perrin
    April Fools and Digital Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven?

    Laughing at CompSo, another year has passed and some classic April Fools gags have been made (I think Google have won this year with their litany of gags, from the Google 8-Bit Maps for NES to the YouTube collection on DVD).

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  • James Perrin
    Google+ TV Ad Illustrates the Internet Giant's Intentions

    If you didn’t know already, Google have followed up from their previous television adverts with yet another one of their well styled and slick commercials; this time promoting their social network, Google+.

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  • Andy Williams
    Creating Coupons and Discounts on Check-In Sites

    I recently wrote a post giving steps on how to create coupons on your Google Places profile, but if you have a physical location that allows customers to come and attend then there are plenty of other sites that you should also actively be using.

    Check-In Sites are becoming more and more mainstream especially as they are freely available as apps on all the main mobile phone platforms.

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  • Tara West
    Targeting Groups with Online Marketing

    Group of peopleThere is a lot of talk about how effective it can be when brands engage with their consumers and have dialogue with them on an individual basis as part of their marketing. Of course this is very effective when done correctly, and making a consumer feel special is always a winner, just as Interflora did with their engagement on Twitter with people who had a bad day.

    Activities like this certainly make waves and result in a lot of press coverage, but there is something which is arguably growing to be more powerful than one-to-one communication between brand and consumers. Read more

  • Andrew Tonks
    What to Write in a Twitter Bio to Help Grow a Following

    One of the key aspects of using Twitter to promote yourself, a business, service or product online is to grow a targeted list of followers.

    When growing a following it’s important to keep in mind that you want to attract a targeted list of follows. In most cases the ‘right’ sort of followers are those who are interested in what you have to say and therefore more likely to make an interaction (e.g. re-tweet or visit).

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  • Stephen Logan
    Do Social Business Profiles Render Websites Obsolete?

    The rise of the social network as a platform for conducting business has been meteoric. It wasn’t all that long ago that many were still questioning whether Facebook and its kin were useful beyond their basic function of sharing pictures, YouTube clips and mundane updates. However, since opening up Fcommerce to select companies and Google’s introduction of business profiles on Plus, plenty of big brands are taking it very seriously indeed.

    So if you can promote your business through a free Google+ profile or Facebook page, why should you worry about having a website too?
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