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  • Michael Rolfe
    How to Find the Hottest Niches

    SherlockSPOILER ALERT:  If you are currently using this trick to find the hottest niches and traffic sources, you may find this share upsetting.

    Have you ever wanted to know exactly what products and services to promote?  Perhaps you are an affiliate, looking for popular products to promote, and effective ways to promote them…
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  • Oliver Ewbank
    How to Get Links from Web Analysis Tools?

    LinksIn a web dominated by links it’s important to explore new ways to gather referring domains. One quick and easy way to gain a valuable backlink is to run your site through a range of website analysis tools. Not only does this help you understand the strength of your domain but it also provides a unique URL with a link back to your site. Read more

  • Tara West
    The Ideal Content Management System for SEO

    CMS for SEOThere are so many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. Some good and some not so good! When it comes to optimising a site for SEO, there are some functions that are really important. These are often overlooked when a CMS isn’t chosen with SEO in mind.

    This post gives a quick overview of basic functions that an ideal CMS should provide for SEO. It might be particularly useful if you have a client who is choosing a new one, or switching CMS. They should check with their Web developer that all of these things are possible: Read more

  • Andy Williams
    10 Minute Link Building

    LinksLinks are important; we all know that but link building can also be time consuming.

    A serious link building campaign should be carried out carefully and should include proper research.

    However there are some links you can look to gain that are easier than others to create and they don’t take hours to research or hunt down.

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  • Alec Sharratt
    How Long Before I Get Results From My SEO Campaign?

    QuestionIt’s the kind of question that comes up time and time again, so I felt it was time to address the issue in a blog post. Clearly the answer will vary hugely between clients, campaigns, and industries to mention a few variables.

    In order to set your client’s expectations and to avoid shooting yourself in the foot, it is well worth over estimating a little. SEO white hat techniques are a long game strategy and anyone who promises or says they can deliver results within a few days or a couple of weeks are usually either lying or using black hat tactics to manipulate you into the SERPs.

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  • Andrew Tonks
    Top Search Marketing Conferences in the UK

    Cheering CrowdWith Koozai recently being announced as the premium sponsor at the upcoming ThinkVisibility event in Leeds this September as well as sponsoring Brighton SEO, I thought I might put together a list of recommended search marketing conferences in the United Kingdom.

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  • Mike Essex
    Win Brighton SEO tickets #brightonseo

    Brighton SEOWith tickets selling out in less than 30 minutes, BrightonSEO is one of the most popular SEO conferences this year and we have ten tickets to give away.

    There’s multiple ways to win and each entry method takes just a couple of minutes. So for a simple way to enter, just complete any of the steps below:

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  • Andy Williams
    21 Local SEO Resources

    Local SEO ResourcesLocal Search is more important than ever before. Giving your online business the best local presence possible will help bring customers to your site as well as through the doors.

    If you are looking to target a local area or even a number of regional areas, then finding good quality local seo information is very important to help you carry out the work needed.

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    Web Marketing Strategies and Techniques

    When it comes to web marketing strategies there is a whole range of techniques available. The industry has evolved immensely over recent years leaving marketers with a variety of tactics to stream relevant traffic.  Below are a few tried and tested techniques to help market your domain across the web.

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    How to Get Listed in Search Engines?

    Getting listed in a search engine is the first step to getting your site optimised. If you have a brand new domain with no history or backlinks, it can take some time for the pages to get indexed. Below are a few ways to help search engines register your site or individual URLs quicker.

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