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  • Andy Killworth
    Affiliate Marketing - Top Tips for Newbies!

    Online Marketing‘Affiliate marketing’ seems to be an ever-increasingly used buzz-word. As a thriving and growing industry, being an affiliate is now accessible to everyone – from the full time internet marketing professional to the person wanting an additional part time income.

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  • Tara West
    Future-Proof Your SEO


    2012 saw an avalanche of updates to Google’s algorithms, and I don’t expect 2013 to be any different. Many websites were caught out and penalised for SEO tactics that at one time would have been commonplace and successful. Following this huge crack down on any ‘unnatural’ optimisation activity many site owners and SEOs have been left thinking about how to avoid being penalised in the future. In essence, ‘future proofing’ your SEO.

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  • Chris Simmance
    The Top 5 Site Changes Not To Get Wrong

    Bad LinkWith sites always evolving there are always changes you are going to have to make to the background elements in order to keep it working for search engines and users properly. Most of these changes are pretty simple and rarely cause problems. Others, if not properly implemented, can cause errors or even kill traffic and rankings until they are resolved.

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  • Andrew Tonks
    Why Every SEO Should be a Developer's Best Friend

    SmileyI’ve been working as an SEO for a number of years now and one thing I have come to learn is, more often than not SEOs and Developers don’t get along.

    Now of course I appreciate that this is an incredibly sweeping statement, I for one have great working relationships with a number of developers, but then again I have some extremely difficult ones too …

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  • Anna Lewis
    My Top Tip for Managing Multiple SEO Clients - Browser Accounts

    accounts in chrome and firefoxSomething I’ve only come across recently (laugh now if you’ve been using it for a while!) is  the ability to have multiple Chrome or Firefox user accounts on one computer. Sounds simple, but it turns out there a lot of advantages to using this when you manage multiple SEO clients, or multiple accounts of any online variety, or even just multiple email accounts. I’m going to go over those benefits in this post and also explain how to set everything up yourself.

    In 5 minutes time you won’t have to keep logging in and out of accounts! Read more

  • Dean Marsden
    Google Webmaster Tools Alerts: Be a Smarter SEO

    Webmaster Tools AlertsYou might not have noticed, but recently there has being a whole host of Google Webmaster tools updates. These rather silent updates have enabled Webmasters to learn more about how Google interacts with their website and now alerts you to even more potential site issues discovered. In this blog post I want to highlight the Message Center feature.

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  • Andy Killworth
    Joomla SEO Explained

    Joomla LogoJoomla (or Joomla! with an exclamation mark for the pedants) is a popular, free content management system (CMS). Whilst it certainly plays second fiddle to its main rival WordPress (9% share of the CMS market versus WP’s 54%) it’s popular in a wide range of industry and web niches.

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    A Complete Guide To SEO For The Finance Industry

    BudgetThe finance industry is by far the most competitive sector on the internet. Premium search results are littered with high street banks, superior websites and black hat ninjas.  When it comes to finance, dominating page one on Google can be a frustrating minefield. However, get it done right and you can reap the rewards of a highly profitable campaign.

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  • Andy Williams
    Ecommerce SEO and Beyond - The Complete Guide

    EcommerceShopping online has become part of everyday life. The simplicity of being able to log onto the internet and buy what you need instead of making a round trip to the shops means that more and more shops are going online.

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  • Tom Howlett
    50 Elements That Make Infographics Successful [with examples]

    GrowthInfographics are useful ways to display information in a clean, structured and visually appealing way. They work well because they immediately capture people’s attention and they are much easier to browse through compared to lots of text within a Blog post. Read more

  • Oliver Ewbank
    How to submit a Google Reconsideration Request

    If you have experienced a huge drop in rankings over the last few weeks it will be worth checking your Google Webmaster Tools account. If you have received a message about unnatural links (see below) then the chances are you will need to submit a reconsideration request to Google.

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