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  • Arnold Ma
    28 Top Link Building Resources

    28 Top Link Building ResourcesLink building is probably the most time-consuming part of SEO – something many webmasters are still confused about and do very little of, but we all it’s an essential part of SEO.

    There are a lot of discussions around just HOW important link building is, such as, what are we going to do if/when Google changes their ranking algorithm and devalues links? The truth of the matter is, incoming links will continue to be an important factor in how search engines rank websites, it’s the bedrock of the internet as it stands today, and it connects everything to everything else. Read more

  • Alec Sharratt
    How To Search - Using Search Operators

    This may seem obvious, but I can’t stress enough how knowing the basics, which not many people know, can help hugely in refining your searches.

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  • Andy Williams
    5 Tips For Gaining More Traffic From StumbleUpon

    StumbleUpon BadgeStumbleUpon is a hugely popular bookmarking site and can drive a high level of relevant traffic to your site. It’s free to join and it’s also a great place to promote your content. So there’s no excuse for overlooking it as an additional promotional tool.

    But how do you go about using StumbleUpon and working towards gaining traffic?

    Here are 5 tips to get you on your way:

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  • Arnold Ma
    Online Marketing – What's Changed and What Hasn’t

    EvolutionThe internet by nature is a fast growing medium. It’s been rapidly evolving ever since it was first conceived. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a relatively young industry such as SEO is also in a constant state of evolution.

    SEO constantly evolves– it has been a hot topic in the industry for a while, with SEOMoz adopting the term “inbound marketing” and creating Inbound.org, combined with rumours that will be dropping SEO from their brand, becoming simply Moz. All this hype from certain thought leaders (no names mentioned) have spread like a virus among the industry.

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  • Andy Williams
     Why Don't All My Links Show In Google?

    Broken LinksA question I have been asked a number of times is “Why doesn’t Google show all my links?”

    It’s not unnatural for people to check on how many links are being seen and counted by Google if their site is undergoing a link building campaign.

    So when Google reports a much lower than expected number of links this can set the alarm bells ringing.

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    Why have my Rankings Dropped?

    WhyIn the fast paced world of SEO, rankings are constantly fluctuating. This is part and parcel of search engine optimisation.  However, if your rankings have dropped dramatically there may be a more serious issue. As we all know time is money and the longer your rankings stay hidden on page 2,3,4 of the SERPs the more money you can potentially lose. Read more

  • Tom Howlett
    Tips on Finding The Right Images For Your Blog Posts

    Tips on finding Blog imagesImages provide a good benefit for your blog posts; they introduce an attention grabbing element alongside your post title and entice people to click through to your site or post. Sometimes the image is all it takes initially to influence someone to visit a page as people are very visually driven and a good image is all it might take considering the number of websites, posts and articles a typical person will see when browsing the net each day.

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  • Arnold Ma
    New London Google Office - Learn with Google Day

    Google LogoYou know you are working in digital marketing when you are actually excited about visiting the Google office. Well, that was me this morning, especially as they have just moved their London office to a brand new building near High Holborn. It’s so new I can even forgive Google for not having it on Google Maps – I’m just bitter because Google maps led me to a small theatre near Covent Garden…

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    Brighton SEO 2011 Review - Afternoon Session

    After a quick lunch break at the local Wagamama I was ready to absorb another session of SEO tips. The afternoon topics broke the mould by looking at several different aspects of SEO. This was immediately followed by a quick-fire round of ten minute presentations. Read more

  • Tara West
    Google Webmaster Tools - The Good, the Bad, and the Useful

    Google Webmaster Tools GuideGoogle Webmaster Tools is a free tool provided by Google, which allows you to see some interesting data about your website.  This post looks at the different functions within Google Webmaster Tools and some of their uses and limitations.

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