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  • Anna Lewis
    My Top Tip for Managing Multiple SEO Clients - Browser Accounts

    accounts in chrome and firefoxSomething I’ve only come across recently (laugh now if you’ve been using it for a while!) is  the ability to have multiple Chrome or Firefox user accounts on one computer. Sounds simple, but it turns out there a lot of advantages to using this when you manage multiple SEO clients, or multiple accounts of any online variety, or even just multiple email accounts. I’m going to go over those benefits in this post and also explain how to set everything up yourself.

    In 5 minutes time you won’t have to keep logging in and out of accounts! Read more

  • Chris Simmance
    A Guide To Structured Data Markup Implementation Methods

    bigstock-MARKETING-Highlighter-over-ba-13249193Structured data is becoming ever more prominent. You see it (or don’t if it’s implemented correctly) on a lot of sites and it helps search engines to better understand elements of a site’s structure. The search engines then use the structured data in the search results as rich snippets alongside the normal result or they use them to provide more relevant results for the user.

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  • Chris Simmance
    Microsoft SEO Toolkit Review

    bigstock-SEO--Search-Engine-Optimizati-14219222There are a lot of good SEO tools out there and I use loads of them.  Like many SEO professionals I use tools daily and I will often pick one tool over another depending on the needs at the time. Recently I came across the Microsoft SEO Toolkit and have been blown away at how thorough it is as an SEO tool! In this post I will run through some of my favourite features and reasons why everyone should download it for their sites.

    Read more

  • Andy Killworth
    Joomla SEO Explained

    Joomla LogoJoomla (or Joomla! with an exclamation mark for the pedants) is a popular, free content management system (CMS). Whilst it certainly plays second fiddle to its main rival WordPress (9% share of the CMS market versus WP’s 54%) it’s popular in a wide range of industry and web niches.

    Read more

  • Tom Howlett
    How to Best use Squidoo for SEO

    Squidoo, for those who don’t know, is a user-generated hub of information covering a diverse range of subjects. Content is created and uploaded by the general public to create a highly adaptable, multimedia ‘lens’. The subject of the pages can vary from how-to articles to informational pages on niche topics. Once a page grows in popularity, it can provide a strong link to any target site as well as helping to deliver decent levels of targeted traffic. Read more

  • James Challis
    Tips For Getting Started With A New SEO Client

    New SEO ClientsA new client can provide a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your full expertise in Search and lead to the exciting prospect of transforming a website into a commercial success. To make this happen it is vital to get your SEO strategy right from the start.

    Read more

  • Oliver Ewbank
    14 Essential Characteristics For The Modern SEO Professional

    Who Are YouIn the world of Search Engine Optimisation it’s very rare that you find two SEO’s that think exactly the same. Search professionals come in all shapes and sizes with a range of different techniques and tactics. That said there is no denying that we all have similar characteristics. This blog post will look at the common characteristics of a rounded SEO and how they are applied to an SEO campaign.

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  • Samantha Noble

    We recently signed up for a month long trial with Acquisio, a Pay Per Click campaign management tool that is aimed at agencies around the world. Read more

  • Andy Williams
    Ecommerce SEO and Beyond - The Complete Guide

    EcommerceShopping online has become part of everyday life. The simplicity of being able to log onto the internet and buy what you need instead of making a round trip to the shops means that more and more shops are going online.

    Read more

  • Laura Phillips
    How To Create An Effective 404 Error Page

    404 SkullThe 404 page is an important, but much overlooked and unloved part of many websites. What is it for? How do you create one? Does anyone care? In this post we aim to explain all these things plus give you some brilliantly unusual examples to inspire you.

    Read more

  • Andrew Tonks
    Why Every SEO Should be a Developer's Best Friend

    SmileyI’ve been working as an SEO for a number of years now and one thing I have come to learn is, more often than not SEOs and Developers don’t get along.

    Now of course I appreciate that this is an incredibly sweeping statement, I for one have great working relationships with a number of developers, but then again I have some extremely difficult ones too …

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