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Mobile Search Blog Posts

  • John Waghorn
    Is Your Website Ready for Tablet Viewing?

    IpadThere is more and more talk these days about optimising your website for mobile search for smartphone and tablet devices. Whilst sites need to be optimised for desktop users and search engines, it’s important that other media aren’t being left out.

    As more people are buying into tablet devices, we are beginning to see a shift in the way that we access our information. Some people buy into a product as soon as it is released and others buy into a product a later on in time when they have established that technology and changing habits will inevitably move on. However, it’s important that site owners aren’t getting left behind.

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  • textmagic
    Using Mobile Optimisation to Win on Google AdWords

    Today we welcome a post from Text Magic who take a look at Google AdWords changes that affect mobile websites.

    If you follow Google’s Mobile Ads blog, there is a very good end-of-the-year post that pretty much covers all the reasons why you need to be considering mobile in your digital marketing. Read more

  • Andy Williams
    5 Mobile Plugins For Wordpress

    Wordpress LogoWith more and more mobile phones currently being allowing internet use it is becoming important to have a mobile friendly site.

    Smartphones have changed the focus of webmasters who now have to think about whether their site can deliver the same experience on a mobile device as they can on a desktop.

    WordPress is one of the most popular platforms supporting blogs and websites. One of it’s many benefits is that you can add plugins for almost any functionality you desire.

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  • Andy Williams
    Creating Coupons and Discounts on Check-In Sites

    I recently wrote a post giving steps on how to create coupons on your Google Places profile, but if you have a physical location that allows customers to come and attend then there are plenty of other sites that you should also actively be using.

    Check-In Sites are becoming more and more mainstream especially as they are freely available as apps on all the main mobile phone platforms.

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  • John Waghorn
    The Changing Face of Mobile Apps

    AppsThe mobile applications market has developed significantly in the last three years. When you stop to consider that five years ago most people would not have known what an “app” was, it puts this technological transition into perspective.

    Today, the apps market for smartphones and other mobile devices has grown into a multi-billion pound industry, with huge developers competing against one another to produce the apps that will have users scrambling to download them.

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  • John Waghorn
    Accessing News on Smartphones Increases 74% Compared to Previous Year

    SmartphoneThe Internet is a hub of extensive information, and we choose to access this information in a number of ways.Gone are the days when you could only access the Internet via a desktop computer, as technology has changed and enabled web browsing via tablets, iPods and Smartphones.

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  • Andy Williams
    ThinkLocal with Google - London 4th October 2011

    Google LogoWith consumers now more connected through location-based, social and mobile environments, Google held ThinkLocal 2011. A mini conference aimed at reviewing local search and mobile search and how businesses need to control and promote their brands to consumers at the moment they are searching.

    This event showcased insights, inspiration and ideas on how to more closely connect businesses with their customers.

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  • Tara West
    The Rise of Mobile Websites in the Fashion Industry

    chanel-logo-300x200There is a serious increase in demand in the fashion industry for retailers to become multi-channel and make browsing and buying on a mobile easier for consumers.

    We have seen a huge increase of well known retails branch out to mobile sites, from ASOS back in 2010 to Newlook in April this year.

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  • Andrew Tonks
    Why Mobile Should be Part of Your Online Strategy

    Smartphone ImageThe use of the mobile web is growing with smartphone penetration in the United Kingdom now reaching near enough 30%. In short, the mobile web is growing fast and is set to change not only the way users consumer media, but also the way business market themselves online.

    For example, according to Mobile Shopping Framework Whitepaper by Yahoo! some 86% of mobile internet users polled in the United States browse the mobile web whilst watching television. This represents a fundamental shift away from both how users browse online and how business will need to market themselves.

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  • John Waghorn
    Mobile Internet Usage on the Up

    Smartphone ImageThe internet is one of the most significant technological advancements of our time. It has allowed us to communicate and also significantly reduce the space and time gap, as business can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time and across a larger geographical location.

    Today it is not only computers in the home where people are able to connect to the internet, it can be accessed from a multitude of technological platforms, including modern technologies such as the iPad, games consoles like the Play Station 3 and the Nintendo Wii and of course your mobile phone.
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  • Stephen Logan
    Mobile Search Growth Highlights the Need for SERPs Visibility

    Google has estimated that 44% of last-minute gift hunts this Christmas will be performed on mobile devices rather than computers. Not massive news in and of itself, after all we are now pretty aware that the mobile search market is growing hugely – as are smartphone sales of course. However, it does perhaps come as a welcome reminder to us all of just how important it is to appear prominently in SERPs.

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