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Local Search Blog Posts

  • Andy Williams
    Google Places Reviews - Responding To Bad Reviews

    Google LogoI recently wrote about how important it is for businesses to gain reviews to help improve Google Places rankings, but what happens if you receive bad reviews or negative feedback?

    Well responding to bad reviews is possible if you have a verified Google Places profile.

    Negative feedback is very different to positive reviews you may have received. First off it is very easy to take them to heart, after all this is your business that someone is criticising. So try not to let your emotions take over. It is important to remain professional and treat the review just like you would a positive one.

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  • Andy Williams
    Create a Blog - Improve Your Local Search Rankings in Google

    As we all know, Google loves good quality content and the phrase “content is king” has been promoted since the dawn of time.

    Most site owners turn to creating a blog as the answer to supplying a continued stream of fresh quality (or so we would hope) content.  But how many sites are using their blog to help improve their local search rankings in Google?

    Thought through correctly, your blog can become one of the most powerful tools you have in your local search campaign. Read more

  • James Perrin
    Why Hotels Should Encourage Customer Reviews

    The last couple of years have been incredibly interesting when it comes to online travel marketing. It’s a competitive industry; as a result SEO and PPC are taken seriously as any optimisation can dramatically improve business – visibility is everything.

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  • Andy Williams

    Informing the search engines of your location is such an important element of Local Search. It sounds obvious, but this can often be totally overlooked. Companies can take it for granted that people know where they are located and therefore so will the search engines.

    But life isn’t that easy and unless you tell search engines where you are you’ll be relying on external links from other sites to provide them with this information, which is fine for improving your Google Places ranking but when you want your actual site to rank locally then you need to give Google a helping hand. Read more

  • Andy Williams
    Optimising Your Google Places Profile

    With Google’s focus on localised search results becoming more prominent, businesses are starting to become more aware of the need to have a Google Places profile.

    However in a majority of cases businesses are only setting up very basic profiles believing that having the listing verified is enough for them to start capturing local traffic.

    They have their profile, the address is included, so too is the website URL and they even have a category assigned, so why aren’t they appearing?

    Well there’s a little more to it than that and most business are overlooking some very important areas. Read more

  • Andy Williams
    Gain Reviews - Improve Your Google Places Ranking

    You have your Google Places profile, you have optimised it completing as many fields as possible, but your still not gaining the rankings you expected.

    Well much like a web page there is more to ranking than simply optimising the profile, especially if you are in a highly competitive field.

    One area that may be lacking is the number of reviews you are receiving. Read more

  • Andy Williams
    What Does the Google Places SERP Update Mean for Local Search?

    Google SearchGoogle give businesses a wake-up call with its latest update changing the dynamic of local search entirely.

    Last week local search optimisation experienced a fundamental overhaul thanks to the Google Place update. Now, for any geographically targeted business search (‘hotels in Portsmouth’ for instance), you might now encounter a page like that shown below.

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    How to Target Multiple Locations on One Website

    If you’ve got a business spread over multiple locations and want to get a local search presence in each, what do you need to be doing?

    It’s a fairly common problem. A business develops a website and then wants to optimise it for each individual location where it has a physical store or premises. How exactly do you go about doing that?

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  • Lucy Griffiths

    David Mihm, Local SEO expert, has just announced the Beta release of his Get Listed service for the UK marketplace.

    This is a useful getting started search for any UK business with an interest in boosting their local search profile. The tool scans some of the main local directories and provides an overview of your presence together with guidance for how you could improve your local SEO results.

    Obviously, being a Beta release, you may find an issue but I’m sure this local search tool will evolve as feedback is provided.

  • Lucy Griffiths
    Google Change Synonyms Display in Search Results

    Our in-house SEO Copywriter, Steve Logan, recently made an excellent post that explored the importance of spelling and grammar, with particular reference to writing for the web (see ‘The Typos and Language Errors that Turn Visitors Away).

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  • Stephen Logan

    When it comes to the future of search engine optimisation, local search looks primed to become indispensable for any business website. Whilst SEO focuses on what it is that your business offers, local search roots that information to a geographic location [see: What is Local Search?].

    With the mobilisation of Internet connectivity people aren’t just going online at home or in the office. As such, consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile phones and PDAs to search for businesses and products within their immediate vicinity. This means that wherever we are, whether we are familiar with the surroundings or not, near continuous access to the Internet ensures that we are only a search away from getting directions to the nearest store, bank or hotel.
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