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Local Search Blog Posts

  • Anna Lewis
    Using Google Analytics To Improve Your Local SEO Campaign

    LocationsSEO is changing, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you are taking the best action for the future, and where better to start than in your target locations? Local SEO is pivotal to many businesses, from small independent shops and services to those with offices or outlets throughout the country and the world.

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  • Andy Williams
    The Ultimate List of Local SEO Resources

    Local PointersIn 2011 I put together a list of 21 Local SEO resources to help those out who were looking to gain a better presence locally in Google. Since then Local SEO has become a highly important element of digital marketing.

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  • Andy Williams
    Mastering Local SEO - A Complete Guide (#EdgeBristol)

    Mastering Local SEOThis morning I am speaking at the On the Edge conference in Bristol on the subject of Mastering Local SEO. This post contains my slides and a summary of the presentation.

    Local SEO has evolved over the last year. Now more than ever online businesses need a local search strategy, regardless of whether they are targeting a nationwide, international or local audience.

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  • James Challis
    New To Digital Marketing? Why Local Is The Only Place To Start

    Local Search Pin in MapAlmost every business has started from a single location with local customers. With instant global access to a website, it’s easy to get carried away with creating a digital marketing strategy to attract everyone, however the developments in search have made targeting your local audience much more effective.

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  • Andrew Tonks
    Local SEO for Dentists, Doctors and the Healthcare Industry

    LocationFor most dentists, local GPs and other healthcare specialists, the rise of the internet has given them an easy means with which to grow their client bases. If you have a well optimised website focused on the keywords people are looking for relating to your business, then chances are people will be able to find you.

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  • Andy Williams
    Why You Need A Local SEO Campaign

    Local PointersThe importance of SEO can’t be under estimated, even in these ever changing times. Whilst the majority of online businesses favour a national campaign, without also running a Local SEO campaign your business could be missing traffic that should otherwise be yours. Does this sound familiar?

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  • Andy Williams
    Google Places Reviews - Responding To Bad Reviews

    Google LogoI recently wrote about how important it is for businesses to gain reviews to help improve Google Places rankings, but what happens if you receive bad reviews or negative feedback?

    Well responding to bad reviews is possible if you have a verified Google Places profile.

    Negative feedback is very different to positive reviews you may have received. First off it is very easy to take them to heart, after all this is your business that someone is criticising. So try not to let your emotions take over. It is important to remain professional and treat the review just like you would a positive one.

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  • Andy Williams
    Gain Reviews - Improve Your Google Places Ranking

    You have your Google Places profile, you have optimised it completing as many fields as possible, but your still not gaining the rankings you expected.

    Well much like a web page there is more to ranking than simply optimising the profile, especially if you are in a highly competitive field.

    One area that may be lacking is the number of reviews you are receiving. Read more

  • Oliver Ewbank
    How to Target Multiple Locations on One Website

    If you’ve got a business spread over multiple locations and want to get a local search presence in each, what do you need to be doing?

    It’s a fairly common problem. A business develops a website and then wants to optimise it for each individual location where it has a physical store or premises. How exactly do you go about doing that?

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  • Ali Moghadam
    How To Get Your Business Online In A Day

    Technology in the Hands of BusinessmanWant to build a site for your small business, with the potential to get ranked and all the social media trimmings, in just one day? It’s possible! I did it myself not long ago – aside from a few tweaks along the way, it’s all worked out nicely – and it’s all SEO friendly. I’m going to share how I did it with you.

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  • Graeme Benge
    How To Make The Most Of The New Google Maps

    bigstock-Old-Map-And-Compass-Concepts-6133078Another month goes by with yet another change in Google-world, this time Google Maps has got the treatment.

    In this post I take a look at the overhaul. There is a lot to take advantage of and the upgrade is yet another push from Google to get businesses to create Google+ Local pages.

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