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  • James Perrin
    EU Ruling over Trademarked Keywords: Interflora Vs M&S

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has made a ruling on the Interflora VS M&S case with regards to Brand Bidding on PPC keywords, and the ruling could have huge ramifications for the world of PPC.

    The issue arose back before Valentine’s Day, when Interflora noticed something amiss when customers searched for ‘Interflora Flowers’ within search engines. They noticed that Marks & Spencer were showing for their brand related key terms within the paid-for search results.
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  • Alec Sharratt

    Having worked in IT for many years I invariably ended up seeing the classic user who had a modicum of knowledge about computers and, using this, have destroyed their PC. The problem, I think, comes from the fact that your average PC user will generally harbour enough fear to stick to what they know and just use the applications.

    Someone with a little knowledge will try to make the PC faster or attempt to fix a problem when it occurs. Often their knowledge came from fixing something before on a PC, however not all problems are the same even if they look that way on first inspection.

    I have also seen this type of “basic knowledge” scenario occurring more and more in the world of SEO. Increasingly, I am seeing websites or meeting people who have decided to save some money and do the SEO work themselves. I can understand this mentality, I love learning new skills and when faced with a problem I like to think I can overcome it using my own resources. Indeed this is how I got started in SEO.

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  • Anna Lewis
    Google Exams - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    AdWords Certified PartnerWe had a target to achieve as a company – by the end of March 2011 everyone working on PPC accounts was to have taken both the AdWords Fundamentals Exam and the AdWords Advanced Exam. In addition to this, I was also aiming to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification. I’m very pleased to report that we all took the exams and passed, but this post is here to go in a bit more detail than that.

    We now have 9 AdWords Qualified staff who work on clients PPC accounts and we also have me – a Google Analytics Qualified Individual to help the team out with all things analytical; although I have to admit they’re all pretty good without me, I’m just the one who gets excited about it and in to the really techy bits. I wanted to write this blog post to explain my experiences with the two exams – one was easier and the other harder than anticipated.
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  • Samantha Noble
    Infinity Tracking Review - Call Tracking Software

    Back in December last year, we started looking for a more advanced solution for tracking and analysing the calls that are generated off the back of our website. The system that we were using had served its purpose but was lacking in the functionality that we needed to take our own marketing efforts forward.

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