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  • Stephen Logan
    Social Networking in the Dock

    CourtWhilst social networking sites provide a fantastic free platform for communication, sharing and self promotion, they are certainly not without risk. Of course there are many and varied hilarious stories of folks getting the boot from their employers for a few choice words; however, in recent times, this has taken a far more serious turn.

    Who can forget the pivotal trial in which Paul Chambers was found guilty of sending menacing massages on Twitter, after making a bomb joke on Twitter? [see: Beware the Twitter Hate Mob] Courtney Love is another classic example of causing affray online. Her tweeted rants against a fashion designer saw the singer stung by a libel bill of £264,000.
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  • Stephen Logan

    Duplicate content can be an anger-inducingly emotive subject for some. If you have been a victim of plagiarism, you might well understand just how frustrating it is to have your original content appear beneath a duplicate in the search results. Whilst search engines can rely on various indicators, including when a page is first indexed and the relevant authority (inbound links etc.), mistakes still happen.

    Equally, as an author on a specialist subject, you want to be able to build up relevance within your sector. Signals are already in place, linking names with specific posts across the Internet; however, it now appears that Google is going even further.
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  • Stephen Logan

    The economy of Digital Britain, and the risks online enterprises face have been widely reported. In fact only this morning Eric Schmidt was talking up the role of entrepreneurs and Internet-based businesses in driving the UK economy forwards. However, today also saw Chancellor George Osborne step up to the speaker’s podium at Google Zeitgeist, where he delivered an extensive speech on the fiscal side of our online economy.

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  • Andy Williams
    Google Places Reviews - Responding To Bad Reviews

    Google LogoI recently wrote about how important it is for businesses to gain reviews to help improve Google Places rankings, but what happens if you receive bad reviews or negative feedback?

    Well responding to bad reviews is possible if you have a verified Google Places profile.

    Negative feedback is very different to positive reviews you may have received. First off it is very easy to take them to heart, after all this is your business that someone is criticising. So try not to let your emotions take over. It is important to remain professional and treat the review just like you would a positive one.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Koozai Win DADI Award for Best Use of Organic Search

    We’re delighted to announce that Koozai have picked up the DADI award for the Best Use of Organic Search.

    As first reported in August, we made the list of finalists for the SEO work done on the Merlin Cycles website. On Friday night Ben, Andy, Sam and Rob made the long trip north to the ceremony in Leeds and were rewarded for their efforts by bringing home the search award.

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  • Rob Arkell

    Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness provide industry leading Personal Training in London and have a wealth of experience providing fitness and nutrition programmes that help clients to achieve their desired goals.

    As a top Personal Trainer, Tim Hayes is well aware of the importance of having a strong organic presence across the major search engines, especially for regional terms relating to their area of operation. Read more

  • Stephen Logan
    Google Continue to Innovate but Does it Really Add Value?

    This week Google have released two new initiatives. The first is ‘Google Internet Stats’ a service for trawling through the statistical data made available by some of the most preeminent sources. The second is Fast Flip, a news service that offers the latest recommended stories in a speedy online magazine style.

    Whilst both have obvious advantages in theory, does the reality live up to the hypothetical possibility?

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  • Tara West
    46 Tips From SES London Day 1 #SESLON

    SES LondonSES London is here and we’ll be bringing you a recap of the talks we saw throughout the day. We’ll be covering talks on Twitter, Paid Media, Social Advertising, the changing face of Google and Attribution Modelling.

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  • Harry Gardiner
    New Year, New Challenges 2014: Meeting The Next Wave Of Digital Marketers

    Southampton Solent UniversityAs the title of this blog post suggests, the New Year brings with it whole new challenges. For some it’s losing weight, getting fit, or learning a new language. For many students in their last year of university, it’s finding the time to secure a career (or even simply work experience) whilst still focussing on completing their work.

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  • Mike Essex
    Ten Free Digital Marketing Videos You May Have Missed

    Koozai TV VideosOver the last year and a half we’ve put together over 100 free digital marketing videos on everything from Analytics to SEO, PPC to Social, Content to Brand Management. To celebrate reaching over 200,000 views of those videos we’ve compiled ten videos that you may have missed which provide insights in to recent marketing developments.

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