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  • James Perrin
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics - January 2012

    A new year and a new development in the ongoing struggle for search engine market share. Last year we spoke about the turning point when Microsoft’s Bing would overtake Yahoo in terms of US market share; well latest figures reveal they have done so, meaning that 2012 has started off great for Bing, and pretty poorly for Yahoo.

    In the UK, the good news for Bing has continued as their share has jumped 0.26% in the last month. All other search engines gained a share of the UK market, with Google being the only one to actually see a drop.
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  • Andy Williams
    .XXX Domains - Do You Need To Register One?

    Domain NamesSurrounded by hype and publicity I am sure you are all now more than aware that .XXX domains are available for registration.

    As of early December 2011 .XXX domains have been on “general sale” and with this release many businesses have been left pondering whether or not they should be buying this version of their domain.

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  • Mike Essex
    135 Takeaways from SearchLove Day 1 #SearchLove

    With the SearchLove conference already at the halfway stage, here’s my quick review of the first day; covering speeches from Rand Fishkin, Joost De Valk, Rob Ousbey, Wil Reynolds, Mat Clayton, Joanna Lord  as well as Will and Tom Critchlow.

    We will be publishing our Day 2 round-up tomorrow, but for more real-time updates follow @Koozai_Mike, @Koozai_Sam and @Koozai_Ben – or follow the #SearchLove hashtag.

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  • Stephen Logan
    UK Census, LulzSec and Dropbox: A Bad Day for Online Security

    Is anything sacred on the Internet? Well, if recent revelations are anything to go by, no, not really. If you are concerned about your personal information, then you might want to look away now.

    It appears that Dropbox, an online service that allows you to store photos, documents and other media online, has accidentally opened up all accounts as a result of an update. Cue hundreds of irate customers taking the company to task on their blog and a PR meltdown. Whilst the issue has been resolved now, the damage is still yet to be properly assessed.
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  • James Perrin
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics – April 11

    There were some interesting developments this month, and some continued trends. In the US, Google and Bing had a share of the spoils as the only search engines to gain market share. Whilst here in the UK, Google’s market share reduced marginally, with Bing and ‘other’ search engines gaining most ground.

    Looking at the UK statistics, figures from Hitwsie have revealed that Google still dominates the market, although continue the monthly trend of dropping search volume – if only fractionally.  Statistics show a monthly reduction from 90.16% in February to 90.02% in March meaning a 0.13% drop in the search market.
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  • Stephen Logan

    The Internet has freed up the way in which we communicate. Companies can engage with their customers without the usual boundaries (although many still fail), consumers can find what they need in minutes without leaving their home or office and information can be shared globally in real-time.

    But the many benefits of the Internet are often overshadowed by an equally prevalent dark underbelly of crime and social apprehension. The freedom with which we are able to provide details and thoughts, has spread fear, mistrust and abuses right throughout the world.
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  • Samantha Noble
    Koozai shortlisted for an EU Search Award

    EU search awardsHere at Koozai HQ, we’re are over the moon to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for an award at the 2013 European Search Awards.

    We’ll be competing against four other agencies for the chance to win the Best Local SEO Campaign category at the prestigious awards ceremony being held in Barcelona.  Read more

  • Dean Marsden
    How Much Is The Internet to Blame For High Street Retailers Going Under?

    Business closed foreverThe last few months have seen further high profile UK businesses announcing  that they have entered administration. Comet, Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster have been the most recent of a line of high street retailers going under.The company directors themselves, news channels, press and media were quick to blame a variety of factors, including the growth of Internet shopping.

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  • Hannah Norman
    9 Tips for Conference Speaking, Social Media, Blogging and Networking #DigitalFemales

    The third #DigitalFemales Meetup took place on Wednesday 13th June at The Long Acre in London. Once again there was a very good turn out with even more new faces from previous meetups.

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  • Stephen Logan

    First Google siphoned off keyword data from Analytics, with (not provided) becoming the top referring term for many site owners overnight. Now Mozilla are getting involved, with their Firefox browser encrypting search queries behind a HTTPS connection. So what does this mean for Analytics users?

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