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  • Rob Arkell
    83 Sales Winning Tips From Econsultancy FUNNEL 2012 #FUNNEL12

    Funnel LogoHeld on 13th November 2012 at the Emirates Stadium, London, Econsultancy FUNNEL 2012 brings together like minded senior B2B marketers interested in aligning marketing and sales teams to drive new business and increase revenue. We were attending for the second year running and with many tracks and sessions from industry pioneering speakers, unfortunately it wasn’t possible to attend every talk, however here are some key takeaways from the sessions I attended for those that were unable to make them!

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  • Mike Essex
    Help An Unknown Author Reach The Amazon Top 100 - #Top100Challenge

    Help Mike EssexIt’s Time…

    With over 120 amazing volunteers (and you!) I’m attempting to reach the Amazon Top 100 with the digital version of my book “Free Stuff Everyday”. We hope to explore the power of crowd sourced viral marketing and to see if a self published author can reach the Amazon charts with a little help from his friends.
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  • John Waghorn
    Bing Incorporate Social Results to Improve Search

    Microsoft search engine Bing has revealed phase two of its major revamp as they look to increase market share by integrating social tools on their search pages.The update features new social tools which will be added to the right hand side of results pages to display user mentions and ratings from your social connections.

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  • Graeme Benge
    In Search Of Koozai - My First Week At Koozai

    Koozai SignIt’s strange to think that this time two weeks ago I was on a train to Brighton, having met two “Koozai” (it must be a collective noun for something) on the train after abandoning a career in travel only the night before for one in digital marketing…well why not?

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  • Andy Williams
    Brighton SEO Write Up - Morning

    Brighton SEO kicked off today with some fascinating talks and presentations from the morning session. Read more

  • Mike Essex
    60 Eureka Moments From Think Visibility 7 (#thinkvis)

    This weekend saw the 7th Think Visibility conference with a mixture of presentations and networking. From Analytics, to video, branding to SEO the conference took in a lot of different streams and provided a fantastic insight into what you should be doing for each of these disciplines.

    For those who didn’t attend, or who want a recap, we’ve compiled our favourite tips of the day.

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  • James Perrin
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics - January 2012

    A new year and a new development in the ongoing struggle for search engine market share. Last year we spoke about the turning point when Microsoft’s Bing would overtake Yahoo in terms of US market share; well latest figures reveal they have done so, meaning that 2012 has started off great for Bing, and pretty poorly for Yahoo.

    In the UK, the good news for Bing has continued as their share has jumped 0.26% in the last month. All other search engines gained a share of the UK market, with Google being the only one to actually see a drop.
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  • Stephen Logan
    What Are Short Domains Really Worth?

    Domain NamesEverybody wants a domain name that is easy to remember, and you can’t get much simpler than a one or two letter domain. But how much would you spend to secure such lucrative online real-estate? £100? £1,000? Maybe even £10,000?

    Well, in a recent auction, a number of major businesses and investors put up some serious money; purchasing these minimalist domains at an average cost of £39,000. It should be noted that this was a charity auction, which may have inspired some liberal bidding; however, the fact remains that the likes of O.co.uk, fb.com and g.co.uk didn’t come cheap. So why are they worth so much?
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  • Arnold Ma
    New London Google Office - Learn with Google Day

    Google LogoYou know you are working in digital marketing when you are actually excited about visiting the Google office. Well, that was me this morning, especially as they have just moved their London office to a brand new building near High Holborn. It’s so new I can even forgive Google for not having it on Google Maps – I’m just bitter because Google maps led me to a small theatre near Covent Garden…

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  • Mike Essex
    Win Thinkvis 2011 Tickets #thinkvis

    Thinkvis LogoWe’ve already given away tickets to Brighton SEO this month and are now giving you the chance to win tickets to the Think Visibility conference (thinkvis). As premium sponsors of the event, Koozai are pleased to announce we have three tickets to give away to this Leeds based event.

    Entry takes less than a minute and Good Luck!

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