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  • Arnold Ma
    80 Actionable Insights From Linklove 2012 #linklove

    Linklove LogoToday the 2nd Linklove conference was held in London with eight speakers. Read more

  • Stephen Logan

    In the days before the Internet, information was passed verbally or through writing. You’d read the news in a newspaper or watch it on the television; they were your primary, or in many cases, only source of worldly happenings. You’d discuss things with those around you and others who could be reached by telephone.  If you wanted to converse with someone in a distant land – or the other end of the country at least – you’d apply for a pen pal. But the Internet has changed all that. Read more

  • Dean Marsden
    How Much Is The Internet to Blame For High Street Retailers Going Under?

    Business closed foreverThe last few months have seen further high profile UK businesses announcing  that they have entered administration. Comet, Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster have been the most recent of a line of high street retailers going under.The company directors themselves, news channels, press and media were quick to blame a variety of factors, including the growth of Internet shopping.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Google Gets a New Look...and a New Search Index

    Just a couple of days after Google finally confirmed that Caffeine had gone live, they have brought colour and life to their homepage. The Bing-ification of Google continues.

    After introducing a left-hand navigation [see: The Changing Anatomy of a Google Search Page], which had more than a passing resemblance to Bing’s, it looks like Google have been borrowing from their Microsoft rivals again. Today the world woke up to a full colour Google homepage. The white background has been replaced by a rolling reel of photography.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Why Has Brian Souter Fallen Off Google?

    Yesterday the BBC ran a story about how the founder of Stagecoach, Sir Brian Souter, had seen his website stripped of its rankings within Google.  Understandably, he was less than happy with this revelation, claiming that “it’s not Google’s place to decide which sites we can see and those we can’t”. Sadly for Brian, it is.

    The question of whether Google should wield this power is one that has been discussed time and time again. It’s an ethical quagmire, one which everybody has their own opinion on. However, what Google do have, as with all search engines, is a strict code of practice that webmasters should adhere to and an algorithm to index sites fairly.
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  • Lucy Griffiths

    With the UK officially out of recession, online retailers will be hoping for a bumper sales year. But what are the online shopping trends likely to be for the year ahead and what can the past teach us about what to expect?

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  • Chris Simmance
    Koozai Rise To The Great South Run Challenge - The Results

    So yesterday saw members of the Koozai team take on the Bupa Great South Run to support some great causes. It was cold and wet at times, but we conquered the adversities like any elite athletes would and in this Blog post we will give you the run down of the results and let you know how much we raised for our chosen charities.

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  • Anna Lewis
    Think Visibility 9 March 2013 – Conference Round Up

    think visibility 9This weekend Think Visibility celebrated its fifth year and 9th conference. It was a birthday party, a Christmas party and of course had great sessions about SEO, business, analytics and more! I had a fantastic time meeting new people, catching up with those I’d met before and learning new things.

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  • Stephen Logan

    15 years ago, three of the biggest Internet brands were Yahoo, AOL and Netscape; so where did it all go wrong?

    Yahoo look like they are starting to tread a well-worn path into online oblivion. Throughout its turbulent history, the company’s stock (both literal and hypothetical) has climbed the highest heights and plunged the lowliest of depths. But has Yahoo finally jumped the shark?

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  • Mike Essex

    Despite living and breathing the topic, most SEO professionals have a hard time explaining Search Engine Optimisation to their friends and family. So what would happen if we had to explain the topic to a child (e.g. what does Mummy / Daddy do for a living?), could it be done?

    This blog post attempts to do so, through the story of Christopher Carrot and his desire to be found…

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